Cloud Business News Roundup: January 10 – 16, 2011

go cloudThis week cloud business news roundup highlights on the impact cloud computing makes toward small and medium businesses (SMBs.) IBM, MarketBridge and a couple of articles report that many SMBs have changed their perception toward cloud computing.

IBM releases a report that pretty much shows that SMB owners are getting comfortable in their IT spending budget: 53 percent of the 2,000 businesses polled are planning to spend more on IT, including cloud computing.

MarketBridge also voices similar trends, reporting that 44 percent of 1,000 North American SMBs are using at least one cloud application, while 70 percent say they will do more in the cloud in the next 12 months.

Ben Kerschberg, the Founder and CEO of Consero Group LLC, explains in his article in Huffington Post that cloud computing is no longer an optional addition to a business IT; it is now a priority. He further explains that according to a recent study from Appirio, 82 percent of cloud adopters report that cloud computing helps them achieving their goals, while 83 percent of them agree that cloud solutions allow them to respond more quickly to business needs. An article on Small Business Network also voices the similar opinion; SMB owners are starting to trust the cloud to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Cloud computing is growing in importance and showing no sign of slowing down. If you are still in doubt whether the cloud can better your business, check out those reports above to entice you to go cloud.

Some more noteworthy cloud business news this week:

Cloud computing adoption case studies

The case studies of InterContinental Hotels Group, RehabCare Group, ServiceMax and NVoicePay show that the benefits of cloud computing is for real. All getting positive results from their adoption of cloud computing, including two startups (ServiceMax and NVoicePay) that are built with the cloud as the core.

Cloud computing new use: Hacking wireless password

Wireless users, beware! Thomas Roth, a German security researcher, has discovered that cloud computing tech can be used to hack wireless network passwords relying on pre-shared key pass-phrases commonly used in homes and smaller businesses. Using Amazon cloud (EC2) and his own software, he can guess a typical wireless password in just 6 minutes.

SaaSifying the vertical markets

The use of cloud’s SaaS (Software as a Service) in vertical markets and supply chain relationship is on the rise as companies are becoming aware of the value of shared resources and services offered by the cloud.

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