The Rise Of Mobile Video And Cloud Computing

There are currently several trends that affect video usage in the workplace.  One of the most notable is the significant impact mobile device usage and cloud computing has on the way workers access content on an international scale.  Workers have more viable options for workplace collaboration and employee engagement as well as other common functions.  Similarly, more advanced cloud-based networking options can make substantial incorporation of video viable for businesses.  Video for business can be easy to access without disrupting existing networks and critical operations.


Understanding Video and Cloud Computing

Recently, cloud computing has been one of the most notable IT trends in the workplace.  This technology has changed the method in which businesses deliver applications, access data, and approach internal communications.  It is important to note that cloud computing encompasses much more than just video.

According to the February report published by InformationWeek, approximately 33% of companies currently use some form of cloud computing.  The report also outlined a notable trend in the use of cloud computing. The number of businesses that utilize a cloud computing service increased by 31% between years 2011 and 2013; and the number of businesses that utilize a cloud computing service increased by 22% between years 2010 and 2011.

Utilizing cloud computing has clear benefits when using video for communication purposes.  The cloud allows businesses easy access and delivery to large amounts of video.  A cloud-based content delivery network (ECDN) can deliver video on different platforms, on different operating systems, and in different locations.  The ECDN also places minimal strain on an existing network as it does not pull bandwidth from the existing network.  Instead, the ECDN offers a dedicated line of delivery for video and keeps video separate from other mission-critical business applications.

Trends in Mobile Video

It is almost impossible to ignore the prevalence of mobile device usage in the United States in the workplace.  Employees are more able to work from smartphones and tablets throughout the day instead of only working from a desktop computer during business hours.

Writing for Business Insider, Jeff Fissel, co-founder of video software company KZO Innovations, recently found employees increasingly watch video on mobile devices for both work and entertainment purposes.  Workers report that mobile devices are very useful when watching streaming video of corporate events and videoconferencing with clients or colleagues in different geographic locations.  An EDCN that also supports mobile devices can give employees increased opportunities for productivity during normal work hours at the office or while traveling.

Other Trends to Watch For

HTML5, social media integration, and various enterprise applications are a few other notable trends to watch for.  The use of video in business provides increased opportunities for employee productivity, and ECDNs offer a viable way for businesses to incorporate a strong video presence with minimal disruption to existing networks as well as bandwidth consumption.

In short, trends demonstrate that the use of video and cloud computing services are on the rise.  Many businesses can leverage optimal communication powers with the right approach to video integration.  It is integral to focus on new communication methodologies that can improve business overall.  Similarly, it is integral to focus on continuing improvement in business in order to stay ahead of the competition and drive return on investment.

About the Author: Dorian Travers is a writer for The Pro Intern and has always had a particular interest in content marketing and coming up with creative ways to help businesses grow.

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