7 Reasons Why You Should Move Your CRM To The Cloud?

Customer dealing has changed a lot in the past few decades. Earlier it was a race to get new customers but now there is a fight to hold on to the existing customers as well. This is where customer relationship management comes into the picture. Everything nowadays is getting hosted on the cloud, from critical software to school curriculum, so it is for the best only, that a company move its CRM on the cloud as well. Here I present 7 top reasons to move CRM on the cloud

Saving Money

One thing to expect in a cloud environment is cost savings. The amount one can save on the cloud is incomparable with other technologies and methods. In house server management of CRM is not affordable for every firm.  It is more of an operational cost rather than a capital expendi
ture which is much more affordable.

Access of Information

Imagine you are on a vacation where there is no access to your companies database and there is a deal needed to be closed. What to do in such a situation? Such a situation is non-existent in cloud environment. With the help of cloud model one can access critical information anytime, all that is needed is a good internet connection.

Set Reminders

Imagine a situation in which a customer has asked to buy a product after a certain amount of time, and when the moment arrives you don’t remember to contact the customer. Such a situation is completely avoidable in cloud as you can set reminders and get alerts which will keep you updated and posted about everything that is happening on the customer database.

Save Time

The CRM on the cloud is very instant and highly time saving. There is no need of heavy equipment or an IT team to get i
t started. Moreover troubleshooting facilities are also very quick and are provided by the host, so no need to wait for hours until the IT team gets hold of the problem and solve it. Instead call the provider and the problem is solved.

Streamlined Workflow

With the use of CRM on the cloud the workflow can be made highly streamlined and automated. Consider when a request is generated sales manager needs to call the lead. Such an operation is automated in the cloud by alerting and calling for the manager when the day arrives.

Less Stress

When the CRM is on the cloud the host is responsible for its service and security. There is no headache on the user side. Faults are part and parcel of the technical work it can happen on in house server as well as on the cloud ones. If any such fault occurs the client is duly compensated for the loss incurred, such facility is not available for the in house one.

Budgeting Issues

In house CRM requires regular up gradation. The up gradation of CRM can create a ripple effect and with it up gradation of other equipment may also be required.  This create added expenditures which cannot be accounted for earlier thus creating a budgeting issue. But in Cloud CRM such issues are nowhere to be seen.

We saw that CRM on the cloud is a must and the companies not going for it are paying considerably more than their counterparts. So is your firm an intelligent one or the one which spends unnecessarily.

About the Author: Josephine Clark, Editor at QuickBooks Cloud Hosting DotCom spends considerable part of her time in writing about technology including quickbooks cloud hosting and Hosted PBX. When not writing, she loves to dig deeper into knowing the best and the latest technology in industry.
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