Putting The Cloud To Work For Construction Companies

Finding and implementing the right software solution for your construction firm can make a significant difference in productivity and organization on the worksite as well as in the office. As such, many construction companies are opting for the convenience and flexibility available through cloud computing applications. By storing data and applications securely in the cloud, companies can provide unparalleled access for staff members while maintaining the security and integrity of working documents. These software solutions are ideal for companies that manage multiple projects simultaneously or that require advanced collaborative solutions to maintain the quality of their on-site work. Here are some of the most important advantages of cloud computing software solutions for the construction industry.

Construction worker on the job

Anytime, Anywhere Convenience

Because cloud-based data and applications are accessed through the Internet, your employees can be privy to necessary information at home, at the office or on the worksite through laptops, tablet computing devices and mobile phones. The remote login functions of these software solutions allow staff members maximum flexibility and convenience in obtaining the information they need immediately and putting it to work on the job site. This can significantly boost productivity and improve the overall quality of work performed by your on-site crew.

Collaboration and Improved Planning

Cloud computing solutions can often provide added opportunities for collaboration during the planning stages of a construction project. Because data is stored in a centralized location, multiple staff members can edit it at the same time. Changes can be tracked and monitored in real time to ensure the quality and relevance of additions or corrections to contract documents and construction plans. This can provide a solid foundation for innovation in the construction field, particularly for local companies like Storm Guard Roofing and can even increase the accuracy and completeness of the documentation required for your ongoing projects.

Secure Tiered Access

Data security is a major concern with any construction software package. The secure login technologies used in cloud computing applications can allow you to create tiers of access to restrict data only to those with a need to know. For example, you could set up access for a particular project to provide the following:

• Basic read-only access to plans, blueprints, schedules and deadlines for every member of your crew on the work site
• Collaborative access to these documents for foremen on your work crew and managers in the home office
• Secure and restricted access to financial data, contract information and budgeting costs for upper management and business office personnel only

The tiers of access would be tied to the individual secure login to ensure that each member of the staff receives an appropriate degree of information on the ongoing project requirements and deadlines. Encrypted data and secure login technologies can prevent unwanted intrusions and can protect your valuable corporate data in the cloud computing environment.

By incorporating cloud computing functionality into your existing construction project workflows, you can enjoy improved access to corporate software resources and project-specific data. This added degree of flexibility and convenience can improve your productivity and increase profitability in today’s challenging construction marketplace.

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