4 Things You May Not Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a relatively new term in the technology world. It is one of those terms that is hard to define, and not everyone realizes that they use cloud computing in their everyday lives. Cloud computing can be as complex as storing an entire company’s information on remote servers or as simple as uploading a picture to Instagram.


But what is cloud computing?

“the cloud” as it is known by many is not a physical thing. Rather, it is a network of servers with varying degrees of function and purpose. Here are four things you may not have known about cloud computing.

1. Apple users have access to their own cloud.

Those with iPhones, iMacs, and iPads may not be aware that they have access to their own personal cloud network known as iCloud. This is an especially useful tool for those who own more than one Apple product. But just how can users take full advantage of this service? For example, a consumer can purchase a song o
n their iPhone, and using iCloud they can then download the song directly to their iPad without having to repurchase or go through iTunes. iCloud also gives users a direct way to share information with other Apple users.

2. Some companies offer services only through a cloud network

Some of the most recent developments in the cloud computing network is the delivery of services via a cloud network rather than selling a boxed software. Adobe, for example, has stopped selling boxed products and instead charges users a monthly fee to use certain services – hence the new name Adobe Creative Cloud.

3. The Cloud could be as large as 1 exabyte.

To put things into perspective, many have estimated that the cloud can be as large as 1 exabyte. While certain companies like programmers  and Amazon won’t divulge their cloud space, intelligent computer programmers have managed to estimate that it is approximately 1 exabyte. How large is 1 exabyte?
One Exabyte has as much space as 4.2 million MacBook Pro hard drives. That means the potential storage space of the cloud is immense, making the opportunities endless for consumers of all needs.

4. Google offers paid cloud services that are automatically encrypted for security.

With the idea of information being stored on the airwaves, it is no surprise that many people are concerned about the safety and security of their personal information. Companies like Google have found a solution: encrypting cloud information. When a user access a paid cloud storage service, their information is automatically encrypted, making cloud service a secure way to store personal data.

According to many reputable cloud computing news sources, cloud storage is the way of the future. In the near future it may be possible to eliminate many forms of physical storage. Decreased hard drives on computers
, phones, and tablets may allow companies to put out smaller and cheaper products. The potential that cloud has for businesses is also immense, with the ability to store information and reach out to customers worldwide. One can only expect that the useage of cloud computing will only increase as time goes on.

About the Author: Donald Johnson is a member of various cloud computing organizations, including the Cloud Security Alliance. He frequently blogs about cloud technology, including cloud security, and enjoys educating the public about the benefits of cloud computing technology. When he’s not busy geeking out about the cloud, he loves spending time with his two little kids.

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