Cloud Computing and the Real Estate Industry

Cloud computing has advantages in many industries, including real estate.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Real estate agents can streamline their processes and improve efficiency when they use the cloud to perform even just a few of their daily operations.

Reduces the Need for Paper Files

Cloud computing allows real estate agents to stop carrying around bulky paper files.

Instead, all of their information can be stored easily on the cloud. This can reduce printing costs and make documents more accessible.

Share Documents Easily

Cloud computing allows real estate to work on and share documents in real time. There’s no need to make an update, email it, and wait for a response.

Instead, real estate agents can work on files anytime and update them as needed. This means that several people from the office can work on their share of a file or document.

It also means that real estate agents and clients can work on documents at the same time. Clients can submit new information or make changes and updates to files directly.

Some real estate agents are able to hire virtual assistants to work on paperwork with the cloud as well.

Virtual assistants can efficiently fill in forms and file documents from anywhere in the world without needing to go into the office and file papers in a file cabinet.

Work on Documents from Anywhere

The cloud also gives real estate agents the freedom to work on files and documents from anywhere they have internet access. They can access forms from their smartphones or look up information from their home computer.

Real estate agents using the cloud no longer have to worry about transporting files back and forth to the office. Instead, they can easily access information from any mobile device or computer.


Although some people may have concerns about security when using the cloud, cloud computing can actually be more secure than other storage devices. Paper files can be lost and laptops can be stolen.

However, the cloud can be password protected and information can be safely stored away. Customers won’t have to worry that their information is being stored on a computer that could be stolen or hacked.

Less Down Time

Cloud computing can also mean less down time for real estate agents in the event of an emergency or illness.

In the event of a natural disaster or office burglary, a real estate agent using the cloud can continue to operate business from any computer that has internet access.

Real estate agents can continue to conduct online business on days when they’re not feeling well enough to go into the office without the need to access a company computer or paper file.

Instead, they can conduct business from the comfort of their home without having to worry about paper files that may be at the office.

Cloud computing is likely to continue to grow.

Real estate agents who are embracing cloud computing are likely to have an advantage over agents that are shying away from technology.

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