Cloud Cuckoo Land: 5 Ways to Keep Your HR Sanity

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Only in the digital age can being away with the clouds be regarded as a decidedly bright idea. No, it’s not so much about being lost in chemically aided nirvana (although the stress might push you there at times), but about storing all of your data and business needs in one place. Yes friends, the only way to effectively manage your business in the 21st century is to join cloud-land. Here are a few reasons why:

It’s efficient, great!

The beauty of cloud systems lies in their capability to maximize utilization- rather than having technology that is only used in part, cloud systems are able to efficiently recognize when services are not being used, and users are able to pay solely for what they need. Services that are not required are then reallocated to users who actually need them.

Wait! That means that cloud systems are COST EFFICIENT TOO, happy days!

Tis true, ‘the cloud’ despite the complexity alluded to its name, save you costs in the long run- on server maintenance, cooling and on system maintenance. There are also pennies to be saved when it comes to upgrades as well – as this technology upgrades itself and is often run on a pay as you go service with the option to “try before you buy” , allowing you to experiment with different models until you find the right model for your business.

It knows more than you do – creepy much?

The Matrix couldn’t have dreamed up a better office system, and whilst is doesn’t have the visual appeal of digital screens suspended in mid- air, cloud systems are still ingeniously futuristic for their self-updating capabilities- and are able to keep abreast of changes automatically and in real time, so that puts to rest the languorous task of overhauling systems with lengthy updates.

RTI Management

This is handy when it comes to keeping up with the pace with recent changes to payroll requirements. HR Hacks will by now be familiar with the changes to government legislation to payroll guidelines which now require updates with each payroll submission- in real time. It makes sense to have a real time system in place for a process that requires real time updates.

Database Management

Anyone who has to manage vast swathes of information will tell you that the very idea of losing data, and the consequent time spent trying to retrieve it, will reduce grown men and women to tears. Cloud systems are one of the most adept at ensuring data retention: these systems are continuously backed up, and far less likely to crash and run on super strength , meaning that all businesses whether they have 5 employees or 500 can enjoy the use of a modern, robust computing system.

It’s good for the environment, huzzah!

Working on a presentation? Project? You will no longer need to print mass sheets of paper out. Nor will you need to take home notes from Carl from account’s business development strategy. Why? Because in cloud land, everything is stored and saved online, so much so that you and Carl can work on his business development strategy not only at the same time, but from opposite points in the globe.

Hang on…that means that we are all better connected!!

Thanks to technology, globalisation means that the world is a smaller place and in order to fully enjoy the benefits of what this means for businesses, it makes sense to have a computing system in place that enables connectivity that is fast, secure and strong. So long as your employees or business partners have an internet connection, wherever they are in the world, they can stay connected and up to date with ease.

In conclusion:

Do it. Cloud systems are the way of the future!

About the Author: Tej Adeleye is a writer from London, who blogs for Sage and likes to get teary eyed staring into sunsets by the sea. You can follow on Twitter @Sageuk

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