8 Most Popular Benefits Of Online Storage

There are a lot of reasons people have turned to online storage. While the reasons vary, there are a handful of benefits which are consistently noted as the most popular. These benefits are a driving force behind why more people are turning to online storage than ever before.

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Compared to traditional external data storage options, online storage is often the most cost effective. Even when free trials and free accounts are excluded, the monthly fees are often lower than the costs associated with purchasing an external hard drive, let alone replacing it when it fails. This is especially true when maintenance, advantage, and time are factored in to the equation.

Space Savings

Another benefit of online storage is space savings. Online storage helps save space in two ways. First, it reduces the amount of data which must be stored on the user’s primary device. This helps speed up PCs and mobile devices alike. Online storage also saves physical space because the data is stored outside the home. It eliminates the need to create additional space to store external hard drives or additional devices.


Online storage also provides heightened security to protect sensitive data. External hard drives and backup systems are prone to damage and theft. On the other hand, online storage allows users to save information and data in highly secure and redundant data centers across the country.


Unlike traditional storage mechanisms, online storage provides a variety of automation techniques. Not only does this simplify the storage experience, but it makes backing up data easy and safe. A common complaint about using an external hard drive is people forget about it because they must manually copy data from one location to another.


Another benefit of online storage is accessibility. Online storage gives users the ability to access their stored data from any device with an Internet connection. When using traditional backup solutions, the user must have the external hard drive or USB on hand in order to access the stored data.


Online storage is the only storage option which allows users to sync data across multiple devices. Other data backup solutions do not offer this functionality.

Secure Sharing

It is also the best technology for sharing secure data. If an external hard drive is used, the user must hand it to whoever they want to share it with. This significantly increases the odds the external hard drive becomes damaged or lost. With online storage, users simply need to send a link to anyone they want to share the data with.


The final reason online storage is growing increasingly popular is because of the recovery process. Users simply need to login to their account and quickly transfer everything to their primary device. Plus, providers often include easy-to-use software which automates the recovery process.

While there is a variety of ways users can store or backup data online storage provides numerous benefits of the alternatives can’t match. Many of these benefits are tied to saving time, saving money, and convenience.

About the Author: Peter Moore writes article about useful online tools and services. He believes everyone should consider online storage for photos, files, and documents. His articles help educate readers about the benefits of secure cloud storage services.

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  • Vince Arden

    Although I believe that using online storage has great benefits for the consumer based user, the usage of consumer based online storage solutions such as icloud, Dropbox, Google drive and Skydrive for business users has many linitations which every business owner sboukd think about before using. These concerns are tied to intellectual property control, lack of central administration and corporate security compliance. For example- if an employee quits and they are using Dropbox for your files – good luck getting them off of their home computer or smartphone. I would recommend that a business look at solutions that integrate with your existing Active Directory or LDAP user credentials and If an employee quits and they are using Dropbox for your files – good luck getting them off of their home computer or smartphone. The solution must integrate with your Security and user permission controls as well as be able to limit sync capabilities and also provide remote wipe. The bottom line is that your business = the data your business creates so you better protect it – all of it