Top Cloud Services For Data Backup


What is a Cloud Server?

Cloud servers have become exceptionally popular in recent years as they offer a unique way in which businesses and individuals can save, protect and access information from anywhere. Whether a company is looking to improve their efficiency or a small family would like to backup important photos and other documents, there are hundreds of options for finding a quality cloud service provider. For those currently on the search, it is important to take a look at a few of the top providers to see which will save them time, energy and money.

Office 365

This program was brought to the world by Microsoft and is one of the newest contenders on the market. While limited in its cloud offerings, it will provide a few customers with exactly what they need to share and save their information. Much like previous Office incarnations, users can use the full line of products, but it will also come with built-in options for quickly saving and sharing documents on their online server. This data can then be accessed anywhere in the world and by any users that were given access to the files.


In 2005, Mozy was founded as an online cloud service provider that took the guesswork out of uploading and saving files. With headquarters situated around the world, users would find that there was very little in the way of maintenance when it came to important documents. Business owners will often enjoy the fact that, once the system is set up, they will no longer need to worry about saving and updating their most essential documents. Instead, Mozy will automatically update files at regularly-timed intervals. Business owners will also enjoy some of the lowest monthly prices with subscription options for small businesses, larger server requirements and enterprise storage with nearly unlimited data.


This company has provided huge amounts of users with a simple cloud system that is both robust and easy-to-use. One of the key advantages of this program is how RackSpace has taken highly-customizable cloud computing software and refined it. Users will begin with a simple interface in which they can check on their accounts, disk space, various clients for professional users, and support information. More complicated controls can then be accessed such as the hosting of websites and media files. This makes it an excellent choice for web designers and small businesses alike.

About the Author: Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher. He wrote this article to help his readers pick the best fit in cloud service providers. Wendt recommends visiting Bedrock IT in Ottawa for more advice and for quality IT support. 

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