The Advantages of Starting a Business in the Cloud Computing Era

cloud infographic

Starting a business is a major undertaking. And with the lackluster economy, many potential entrepreneurs are hitting the breaks on their plans to launch their dreams. But is that the right move?

Some of the very things that make it seem like it’s not a good time to launch a venture are actually working in your favor. Office space, for instance, is considerably less expensive in the current economic climate. And wages are lower, too—meaning you can cut down on your overhead expenses for the time being. Not to mention, getting your start now while the economy’s in a downswing means you’ll be perfectly positioned for big gains when things turn around. Unlike your competitors, who are biding their time and getting a late start while you’re perfecting and refining your processes.

Then there’s the advantage of cloud computing. Before you had to spend well over one hundred thousand dollars to develop and maintain a data center—today, you can accomplish the same in the cloud for less than $50,000. And the cloud is scale-able, so you’re not making massive investments in storage space that you don’t necessarily need.

Take a look at the infographic below for more convincing evidence that the market is primed for entrepreneurs like you to make a move!

cloud infographic

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