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The Clouds are here and it will keep on raining. Those who have chosen a career in IT may want to look at a career in cloud computing. With virtualization as its base and defined categories of services aimed at individual businessmen, small, large and medium enterprises, there is going to a huge demand for IT personnel knowledgeable about cloud computing. Get in on the ground floor as they say and have an exciting future in a challenging, growing environment. Cloud computing offers Software as a Service, Storage as a Service, Data as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a service and Analytics as a service, eventually moving on to Everything as a Service.

Big names in IT like Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare are active in deploying cloud technologies and if you start on the way to gaining appropriate certifications, you take to a cloud job like a duck takes to water, not having to worry about job security since demand outstrips supply.

What does Microsoft offer?

Microsoft’s latest cloud oriented offerings include Azure, Windows HyperV, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft dynamics CRM as well as SharePoint covering PaaS, IaaS and SaaS.  What you can do is obtain Microsoft certifications as Server administrator, a virtualization administrator if you opt for the IaaS route.  In PaaS direction you can obtain MCPD Web Developer 4 Certification that lets you develop web applications based on Visual Studio 2010. MCPD Windows Developer 4 certification paves the way for you to develop data access and windows based applications on the Visual Studio 10 platform. The MCPD Windows Azure Developer gives you mastery over offering Azure based solutions and data access solutions based on Visual Studio 2010. Step up to SaaS and gain MCITP Enterprise Messaging administrator certification to give you competence in managing Microsoft Exchange Server, design and deploy messaging solutions. As an MCITP SharePoint Administrator you develop expertise in cofiguring and administering as well as designing SharePoint infrastructure.

Since these are all interlinked you may want to go in for more than one certification to give you an unassailable position in the job market.

The Cisco Route to Clouds

Cisco is a leader in networking technologies and is actively involved in Cloud computing. If you love networking and hardware, you could obtain a CCNA that gives you familiarity with Cisco networking devices. Follow it up with a CCNP to give you expertise in implementing Cisco IP routing and switched networks as well as maintaining such networks.

VMWare Certification

Virtualization underlies all cloud operations and getting certification from the leader in virtualization gives you a strong position when you look for jobs. You can go in for a course that makes you a VMWare certified professional, helping you become expert at installing, configuring, managing and automating VMWare virtualization environments.

CompTIA is the IT Industry Association offering globally accepted certification. You could get started in Clouds with a basic Cloud Essentials certification that gives you knowledge about cloud computing and applications. When you get a job you could go on to specialized certification from Microsoft, Cisco and VMWare and also take a look at Xen and other Linux based virtualization environments.

This is the age of specialists. Specialize in Cloud and the sun is shining very brightly up there.

About the Author: Preetam is a writer and tech enthusiast. His special interest in Sports and Traveling you can find him writing and blogging for Cloud Technology Blog.

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