Why Even Small Businesses Need a Big Cloud

Cloud computing is the latest trend to hit the technological market for businesses today. The application is so amazing that it can help your small business save money and eliminate necessary upgrades.

Cloud computing works by loading just one application for each of your employees, and you won’t have to worry about purchasing a suite of software and software licenses for the various computers throughout the office. This can prove costly and is an obsolete move for most small businesses.

Cloud Computing and How It Works

Cloud computing sounds technical, but it’s really quite simple to understand. An easy way to comprehend this unique concept would be to imagine your laptop and all of your mobile devices being in sync together all of the time.

Cloud computing has the capabilities to sync all of the technology together, gives access to important data at any time, organizes the data from any online source and allows the user to share photos, videos, emails and documents with family, friends and co-workers. Instead of your company installing a host of software applications and servers, one application is loaded. This allows each of the employees to log into a specific Internet based service, which holds all of the programs and gives the workers access to everything they need to do their job.

This can give small businesses the edge because the local computers no longer have to handle the heavy lifting. They can now pass off their extensive software demands to a company that can run the applications for you.

small business cloud

The Benefits of the Cloud

Small and large Fortune 500 firms are now using the Cloud and reaping the many benefits this latest trend in technology has brought to their business.

  • Most have seen a drastic amount of money saved in time and resources with the Cloud. No longer do these companies have to spend time and money to develop their own applications. They can instead rent them from a business like Quality Tech that specializes in these types of Internet services.
  • Businesses can also scale and match the services to meet the demands of the company. This can save additional funds when you pay as you go.
  • Cloud technology is also competitive because you are using programs that are out of reach to most businesses. This can give your company an edge on the competition when your customers see that you up to date with the services that your business can provide to its users.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, you don’t have to worry about finding a resolution on your own like you would when using your own application. The Cloud technology has a knowledgeable support team to handle all of your website needs.
  • This form of technology also makes it easier to share important documents, emails, photos and videos. Systems such as Dropbox provide a simple way to transport the important documentation without having to worry if a crucial piece of information was received in a timely manner. Most companies spend thousands of dollars on computer bookkeeping systems to keep track of their cash flow. Cloud technology has a variety of options to help businesses manage the cash flow with a pay as you go financial system.

Smaller businesses can now compete with the bigger firms by utilizing Cloud technology. It’s a way for them to have access to a variety of tools that can enhance and expand their business, and it saves them more money!

Ann Bailey runs a small internet art site and shares these tips on cloud technology for other business owners.  The cloud services often allow even very small or remote businesses to keep their employees up to date and in close contact, giving all businesses a more equal edge in the current internet marketplace.

Image by marciookabe / Flickr

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