Effective Factors of Cloud Adoption and Innovation

cloudCloud computing has a lot of power in its corner, and its profile is only increasing. Find out why YOU ought to jump on the cloud bandwagon immediately.

Computing trends have been evolving and changing rapidly in recent times. It all depends on power and money; how much computing power you can get, and how little money you are going to spend for it. Generally, those with more cash are going to be able to feel the benefits of new technology a few years before the rest of the public will be able to. It’s just basic economics. You see it at the appliance store all the time… Television technology that cost 1,000 a couple of years ago is now going for 300 or less.

Something for the People

This principle applies pretty much across the board in technology. The rapidity of these sharp declines in price is governed by demand. But it’s a lot more complicated than just simple demand. Yes, these products are in high demand, but the real money is made with the release of premium innovative products for the elite. Thus, it is not the general demand, but that of the elite which causes such sharp drops in the prices for technologies suddenly finding themselves sporting a 2nd tier status.

So, we’ve been hearing about the cloud for a while. Many of us are savvy enough to pick up on what this inevitable innovation in computing is all about, and what it is not. Frankly, understanding what cloud computing is NOT is probably the best way to understand what it actually IS. Cloud computing is NOT a technology in and of itself. Instead, the Cloud is a platform upon which different services can be offered.

An Unfair Advantage?

Dozens of new computing technologies have been developed specifically with the cloud in mind, and they have gone long ways toward revolutionizing the entire computing world. Is it possible that the cloud is going to accelerate business for its adopters to the point that they will dominate their respective fields? Only time will tell.

We can tell you that thousands of businesses every day are adopting the cloud, and not just because it’s the next big trendy thing. Even the most penny-wise and frugal of companies are getting on board. In fact, savings and value are a major part of most people’s adoption of this type of computing infrastructure.

It is a global and independent concept, cloud computing is. If you ever hear anybody talking about how they own the cloud, or how they are dominating it, you can discount them with wholesale prejudice. The cloud is a platform totally outside of any dominion. What matters is the quality of the services that these contractors and providers offer to you, and this can be determined easily enough. We do know that satisfaction with cloud based computing amongst those businesses who’ve adopted it is quite high. It’s one of those things where, once you’ve gone ahead and adopted it, you don’t understand how you ever had gotten by without it.

About the Author: Deney Dentel serves as CEO for Nordisk Systems, Inc. A preferred cloud computing solution provider supplies the data center, computing infrastructure, the database management system, and middleware software that is meant for you and your business.

Image by James Cridland

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