Why You Should Get Your Data in the Cloud and Focus on Your Core Business

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Any company of significant size has IT employees. In this brave new world, it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important: your core business. For the same reason that it would be unwise to generate your company’s own electricity by conventional means, it just makes sense to outsource the set-up and maintenance of your company’s servers and networks to a data center—such as those that can be provided by Digital Realty Trust, IO and others. That is to say, it makes sense to concentrate on what you are in business to do—not the kind of support you need to conduct business.

Here are two reasons that entrusting your information management to a cloud service is the right way to go:

  • Saves money

The Great Recession has made us all tighten our belts. One great way for companies to save money is to entrust their networking and data-storage needs to a specialist.

Jay Mallin contends, on SecondAct.com, that our economic troubles have made thrift cool. Cloud computing is certainly quite cool and trendy right now. To say that your business has gone into the cloud lends a certain cachet—a certain 21st century je ne sais quoi, while saving you money.

  • Provides adaptability

One of the great strengths of the American economy is its plasticity—its ability to change, to adapt to different exigencies. This is also true of large data centers. They are enormous warehouses into which are delivered all of your information-processing equipment. If, rather than outsourcing, you attempt to go it on your own, you are locked into unnecessary rigidity by the investment you have made in the equipment.

If the equipment becomes outdated, you will need to sell it for a loss and then start all over agian. On the other hand, when you need to upgrade with a data center, all of that is taken care of. The transition is smooth. You can concentrate on what really matters.

If you are near a commerce hub in the U.S., then you are near a data center. There are data centers in Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte and many other cities. (A Houston data center is especially important for the many oil and gas companies based out of Houston.) By providing both the benefits of saving money and adaptibility, finding a company that can assist you with your information storage needs is easier than ever before!

About the Author: Cameron enjoys writing about various topics. One of them happens to be technology. If you’d like to learn more about Houston data center, please visit www.digitalrealtytrust.com

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  • Nice post! I’d add that IT and business departments should definitively collaborate more when it comes to the cloud. After all, it is both business and technological concept.

    • Ivan


      Agreed – quite often, IT and biz depts are like oil and water 🙂 A “mediator” or “facilitator” should be appointed to bridge the gap…