What Cloud Systems Provide to the General Public

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Cloud systems are all the rage these days in technology development, and the term has remained a highly used one in pop culture.  Though most people recognize how important it is, few truly understand why it has changed technology of the world as we once knew it.  The difference comes with many pieces of software that we use today that we are continuously utilizing to make our lives easier.

Sharing Files Everywhere

Most people that use the Internet often have started to make use of accounts that sync files to a server.  Services like Dropbox and Google Drive, among the many others, are at the forefront of the business and have significantly changed the way most people see file storage.  Keeping files shared and up to date amongst a suite of devices, along with the ability to edit them with many of the same features, is a huge advancement that has just begun touching the surface of how it can change our lives as we know them.  A world where there is a general drive that can be accessed from nearly every device and can learn our preferences and settings for other equipment automatically is something that is becoming a reality as technology advances further. 

Why Cloud Technology

Cloud technology plays a huge role in making this possible because it allows a huge amount of systems to act as a single unit and not waste space allocating the maximum storage amount to each account.  In plain English, this means the many Dropbox accounts can have maximum storage capabilities of very high amounts, but only use the amount of memory that the user actually has stored to at the time.  Traditional systems always had to allocate the maximum space because they could not share information as efficiently and an account would take up a significant portion of each system.  Therefore, if there were 5 25-gig accounts on a server with 125 gigs for the hard drive, the system would have to remain turned on and activated all the time.  This would happen even if the accounts were rarely or never used.

Development Of Cloud System Technologies

Many cloud system technologies were developed after load testing software tools were employed and problems were found.  IT departments in huge companies having a situation different from any others at the time means they have to develop the cloud system technology to best suit them while still leaving the door open for major changes in the way things are done in the future.  Much like the way mobile app testing software tools are necessary because of the many different situations that can arise, technical departments have to face the challenge of developing code to allow the system to manage in the way they specifically need it to.  The changes are usually made off of base software that is designed to meet the needs and allow development for a wide range of system types and needs.

About the Author: Eric Blair writes about various website load testing tools and SOASTA mobile app testing solutions that help websites and businesses grow faster.

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