Backup Box Review: Switch Cloud Backup Services Easily – and More

backup box reviewToday, it’s common for regular cloud users to sign up with multiple cloud storage or backup solutions. I personally sign up with Box, Dropbox, and iCloud – for some reasons I myself couldn’t understand so well. Let’s just say I try things out to see which services are better than the rest.

Well, I end up sticking to many services I signed up with – including the cloud storage services I mentioned above. I typically use iCloud to store files from my iPad; I signed up with Box (was because I want to write a review on it objectively – and I keep using it. Dropbox? I signed up simply because I want to compare it with Box – and, again – I keep using it.

So, I end up having my files with 3 cloud storage/backup solutions. Now the good old problem arises: Cloud lock-in; it’s troublesome for me to move files from one cloud storage account to another.

I search the web for a solution, and I found one: Backup Box

What is Backup Box?

Backup Box is one of the most recent cloud startup that I personally think will gain enough traction in the market to make it big, simply because the service answers a problem with many of us.

In my case, Backup Box answers my “simple” problem: It allows me to easily move files between cloud services. So, there will be no more frustration in moving files between the services manually.

Backup Box lets you automate backup transfers from Dropbox, Box and some other popular cloud storage services. Not only that, you can also automate the backup transfers for FTP and MySQL. So, I can practically backup Cloud Business Review and I can easily move it to a new hosting account when needed.

So, for instance, if you want to move files from your Box to Google Drive, you can do so in a straightforward manner.

Check out this video to learn more about Backup Box…


Backup Box makes my digital life easier – now I know that I can move my files easily, as well as backing them up automatically. Indeed, Backup Box is a hassle-free backup solution.

I recommend you try the service (free sign up!) and please share what you think about Backup Box by leaving a comment below.

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  • Ivan, thanks for the awesome review! I’m glad you find Backup Box useful. If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to let me know 🙂

    • Ivan

      Sure thing, Eric! Thanks for dropping by…