Cloud’s Innovations and Contributions to Businessmen

cloud innovationWith the economic climates seemingly attracting an onslaught to businessmen, the cloud may just bring showers of profiteering opportunities to small scale enterprises.

Over the years, cloud computing has been utilized by entrepreneurs with tight budget who wants to venture into low-cost projects and high-innovation solutions that can duly address the issues of the industry. Some huge education suggest that they reinvent IT initiatives through the deployment of cloud computing technologies that are closely aligned with the users’ new found web-centering demands.

In a simpler sense, it helps to picture an executive of a large corporation whose responsibilities include the procurement of computers needed by employees. The task goes beyond mere purchase of physical units – executives should also buy software licenses to ensure that everyone can have the necessary tools for the job. This translates to hassles whenever a new hire steps into the office.

As an alternative, businesses can instead load one particular application that would facilitate the development of a hub which houses all the programs accessed by employees. One remote mother machine would run everything from simple programs to complex data analysis.

This is what cloud computing is all about…and it is bound to change many industries.

Emergence of the Cloud

The introduction of this new technology was mainly concentrated on lightening workload shift in office when it comes to running computer applications. It has eliminated the necessity of the employees for hardware and software. The cloud computing systems interface only includes a simple web browser.

It has been and still is widely used in the guise of web e-mail accounts. Web-based e-mail services that include Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail are all products of cloud computing. Instead of using computer software, users simply need to log in remotely from any Internet-connected PC to access the e-mail account. The storage of the mail is not placed in the computer system. Rather, it’s included in the computer cloud of the e-mail provider.

Cloud Based Gaming

Prevalence of cloud computing in so many industries has led many developers and enthusiasts to find more application of the technology. Cloud-based gaming is one of the newest innovations.

Sony recently announced its sealed agreement with a cloud-based gaming business. This merger is expected to strengthen and intensify the gaming platform and experience. After all, this move is foreseen to deliver cutting edge cloud streaming services that allows users to have fun with wide array of contents – from rich graphics to immersive core games and casual contents. It may also pave the way for instant gaming through devices that can give Internet access.

Revolutionizing Research

Companies such as Bina Technologies and DNAnexus have started adopting this technology along with big-data functions to create a solid platform for genomic research. Nobody seemed to be impressed until recently, an iPhone app that can scan potentially cancerous moles. Skinscan was built from the hype of cloud computing.

For what it’s worth, it has opened doors of ideas on ways to take advantage of it especially in the business arena.

Transfigurations in social media

Entrepreneurs have been utilizing social networks for more cost-efficient advertisements. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is used by businessmen in making applications that can contribute to the progress of their operation while increasing their productivity and edge over the competitors.

These two strategies may have sound parallel that cloud computing service companies have been motivated to come with innovations that would allow businessmen to capture proper information using social networking tools.

Case in point is the union of Facebook and cloud computing.

This specific connection produced a technology that automatically analyzes data retrieved from Facebook users. Businessmen can then have a clearer view of their sales data, ideas on possible business events and other information that affects their marketing decisions. Cloud computing has also made it possible for many companies to seize profiteering chances from Twitter. Several apps are made especially for building better customer relationships and capturing user feedback.

About the Author: Norris Lemuel Lasay is a writer that loves cloud technology. He often writes articles about latest technology trends and future innovations that will hit the market. As a technology related writer, he secures his work using cloud based storage and high speed internet possible in his area.

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