Cloud computing: Business Benefits with Security

cloud security benefitsCloud computing is a great advantage for small business facing problems in document storage and management. One of the key features of cloud computing includes the minimized effort of uploading, downloading or installing same document or software on different systems. Also, it helps in sharing documents with ease to the group or team members. Moreover, it reduces the server load and hence, helps in faster operation of assignments.

Cloud computing has benefited the businesses and organizations in reducing security threats, enhancing productivity and further reducing the operational cost. A survey funded by Microsoft Trustworthy Computing and carried out by US-based comScore, reports and a total of 500 SMEs from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, India and Hong Kong are hugely benefited by the cloud computing technology. With the adaptation of cloud computing, approx. 56% of organizations now spend lesser time and resources in managing security concerns.

Why are we secured with cloud computing

If you analyze the functioning and operation of cloud computing carefully, you will find that cloud computing does not demand any desktop computer or internal network for operation. On the contrary, it depends on the security offered by the network and physical system. This makes the whole operation more secured in comparison to the traditional methods.

The system of continuous up-gradation acts further to enhance its invincible security feature. The entire data connected with cloud computing is always backed up. Further, it also replicates and stores the entire data processed. This makes it capable of countering accidental circumstances and helps the user carry on with his/her work uninterruptedly.

Practical experiences of small and mid size users

As it has been already remarked, the effects and security features of cloud are mostly felt by small businesses and mid-size ventures. So, approx. 65% of small organizations who have switched over to cloud computing comment that they have experienced enhanced security system. The remarks of about 53% of them in this context is that, now they feel more protected against cyber attacks as compared to how they felt previously, before the adoption of cloud computing. 22% of them further remark that the expenditures incurred so far by them on web security have also got noticeably reduced.

This directly hints that the savings from this sector is now getting channelized in improving the overall infrastructure of an organization. This includes employment of skilled staffs, boosting of the sales and marketing sector, development of their products and services and taking up of innovative and developmental measures for expanding the business further. This also paves way for exploring newer markets, and earning greater revenue in the process.

The secrets to security of cloud computing

A closer study on the facilities offered and bonus features of cloud computing revealed that the requirement of resource as compared to the money involvement for the same is unparalleled. Thus, the key factors which make cloud computing a better system are higher level of expertise, integration of specialized resources, greater protection against cyber attack in exchange of economical investment.

Cloud computing is definitely a great delivery and storage capacity to adopt. It leads to cost cutting in a company against enhanced cyber security.

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