Plan For The Worst When You Test Your Network For Weaknesses

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Computer networks are pretty much like an automobile in at least one way: when they are operating well, getting good mileage and are not suffering from any disturbing performance issues, they are a marvel to behold because they provide unmatched service that we can sometimes take for granted but really ought to appreciate more. But our level of appreciation usually comes to light once there is some problem in the way either the car or the computer network operates. Then, out natural balance in life becomes upset and we long for the day when the cogs and gears and computer chips are all functioning the way that they ought to and we can simply enjoy the smooth service that our machinery provides for us.

Computer networks in particular are susceptible to breakdowns simply because we rely on them so much and because the traffic on them tends to increase by leaps and bounds every year. It’s a similar situation that we’d face if the car that we keep parked in our driveways were called upon to drive tens of thousands of extra miles every year and we were forced to ensure that the autos perform just as well as they do when they’re covering many fewer miles over the course of a year. There’s going to be a lot more maintenance to ensure that the car doesn’t overheat, that the tires don’t go bald and that the radiator stays sealed and doesn’t explode from overheating.

Why Use Load Testing Software Anyway?

If you want to ensure that your computer network doesn’t explode like that overused car radiator – and who doesn’t want to be absolutely certain about that? – you’ll probably want to start using load test software on your computer network because that’s one of the few ways that you can ensure that you’ll see trouble coming down the road long before it arrives. And that’s an important advantage for all network administrators.

Load testing will simulate any level of network traffic that you want and you can see potential trouble spots in your network, and then you can fix them before things start to fall apart during your average business days. It’s as if you could put extra pressure on that car radiator and see where it will spring a leak first when the car is driven really hard. You can then reinforce that weak part of the radiator and nip disaster in the bud.

Consider Mobile Apps Too

The same thing goes for the mobile apps that workers in your company use, because they can create unforeseen problems, and to combat that, you can use mobile application testing software, which will alert you to possible problems that are on the horizon with mobile apps that might conflict with each other or perhaps with your network’s operating system.

A warning about an impending disaster is the kind of heads up that all network administrators – and auto mechanics – really ought to have available to them all the time.

About the Author: Betsy Zikakis is an honored performance testing software and technology writer specializing in load testing software. She has spent years in the computer technology industry accumulating experience and know-how that top testing software companies so desperately seek out.

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