Are you taking a risk by stepping into the cloud?

the cloud risks

Cloud computing is growing at a much faster rate than predicted, with both the public and private sector more often looking towards managed services as an alternative to expensive onsite IT systems, saving them both time and more importantly, money. In fact, in a study by analysts Gartner, the number of companies using managed services is likely to rise by over 40% within four short years.

However some leaders of industry have major concerns surrounding on-demand including whether information is going to be held securely and safely. While security within the cloud space should be of concern and a regulatory body is welcome, it is vitally important to look into these issues without resorting to panic and overreacting

Companies need to consider carefully the possible risks before considering cloud solutions as a viable option for their IT systems. Cloud computing is unlikely a larger risk than an in house IT department, the risk is just different and company decision makers need to be aware of the differing risks offered by both solutions. This is why it’s vital to choose a well respected cloud provider is vital as they will be open and honest about potential risks and have contingencies in place to make sure they don’t happen.

An organisation with a good reputation will make sure that you have a suitable type of cloud platform. They will ensure that the security of your data is of paramount importance including data protection of your data on a cloud system. A reputable company will also make sure that your data is backed up and that you know where your back ups are physically located.

Differences in data protection laws means that different countries have varying data protection regimes so it’s of vital importance to be clear where your data is going to be stored physically and also what security systems are in place to make sure the data is safe. Would it bother you knowing, as an example that your information is being stored in a country with poor regulation and inferior technological systems?

For those of you still with doubts, it’s vital to consider that IT hosted win the cloud is likely more secure than an IT system managed internally. This is because the managed service providers data centres are most likely equipped with high levels of security as well as robust processes to back up the data regularly. In comparison, many organisation’s systems are stored in poorly secured offices using outdated equipment

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