The Next Evolution of Business – Will the Cloud Shift the Business Goal Posts?

business cloud computingThere is no doubt about the fact that cloud computing has generated a lot of interest among business owners and managers seeking to capitalize on technology to push efficiency and get better results. Here’s how the cloud is expected to shift business goal posts in times to come…

Greater Efficiency

For most businesses managing and organizing data is one of the biggest challenges. Many companies spend several hours every week on document creation, making proposals, maintaining accounts and very often fail to take back up of the same. This means valuable data could be lost causing a great deal of confusion.

With an automatic cloud backup service businesses can bid goodbye to their backup woes by simply having an effective system in place. Storing your backup files on the cloud takes care of everything.

Working More Effectively

The cloud helps people in your organization work more effectively by equipping them with simple tools to manage day to day tasks. Using a cloud-based email service is one of the best ways to manage emails, tasks, diaries and notes. Such a device synchronizes your computer, smart phone, tablet and laptop so you can look up and share information with ease and efficiency.

Using the cloud to store your files also makes accessing them from anywhere with just an internet connection easy. That way you can work from anywhere. Also you won’t lose information even if your devices are stolen as the cloud stores it all on the internet.

Reduced Need for an In House IT Department

By embracing the cloud fewer companies will need an in-house IT department, they will reduce spending on hardware to a very large extent thereby cutting energy costs and reducing dependence on maintenance and support which they would have otherwise incurred on account of breakdown of hardware and systems.

Control and Innovation

It is a widely accepted fact that adopting an effective cloud infrastructure is one of the most strategic components of business transformation. It increases an organization’s speed to market and reduces the need to invest considerable resources into maintaining business applications.

For instance in case of a CRM system where IT teams used to upgrade all of the equipment and software on the network individually thereby wasting time and IT resources. However on the cloud this same process can be centralized and automated while adding new applications on a shared platform.

If you are reading to take your business ahead with the cloud Google, Amazon and Microsoft are big names you could consider. However, exploring options with emerging players like AppZero, Enomaly, Long Jump and Vaultscape, Flexiant, Workbooks, CloudSigma and Cloudmore etc is also worth it.

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