The Hybrid Cloud is the Future of IT Infrastructure

hybrid cloudFor most people taking the cloud computing route is still about deciding between the public cloud and the private cloud.  Few still think about the hybrid cloud despite the fact that it evolved in 2008 and is nearly four years old now.

Over time though hybrid cloud computing approaches have come to assume valid roles within enterprises as IT tries to mix and match public clouds and local IT assets to get the most value for money so to speak.  Here’s how and why the hybrid cloud is the future of IT infrastructure…

A Great Approach to Architecture

The hybrid cloud is an approach to architecture which provides great value.   It allows users to mix and match the resources between local infrastructure, typically regarded as a sunk cost but largely difficult to scale, with infrastructure that’s scalable and customized as per their needs and requirements.

Matching Up to Compliance Issues

While the public cloud has its advantages the obvious truth is that not all IT resources should exist in public clouds.  In fact owing to privacy concerns and security issues some may never exist in public clouds. For companies in which performance needs and requirements, compliance issues and security restrictions are critical issues the need for going beyond the public cloud space is great.   The hybrid cloud model enables such companies to compute cycles and data which have to be kept local and what can be processed remotely separate.

Leveraging the Perks of the Public Cloud

The hybrid cloud provides a clear use for public cloud computing.  With the hybrid cloud some parts of the existing IT infrastructure occur in public cloud environments while the rest of the IT infrastructure stays on premise. The hybrid approach of keeping the data local and the analytical processing in the cloud is found to be preferred as practical on many counts by several users looking for exactly that facility.

As a dynamic concept cloud computing will take many forms in times to come.   What is becoming increasingly clear is that in future most organizations will use some form of hybrid cloud in times to come.
The hybrid cloud splits the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of public and private clouds. With the hybrid cloud, you get the amazing scalability that public services offer while maintaining a high degree of control over what leaves the confines of your own infrastructure and what doesn’t.

To get your slice of the hybrid cloud look up  GoogleAmazon and Microsoft among the biggies, besides which  emerging players like  AppZero, Enomaly, Long Jump and Vaultscape, FlexiantWorkbooksCloudSigma and Cloudmore are also great options to consider.


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