Cloud Connected Cars

cloud car

With mobile computing being used by individuals and businesses, the cloud has quickly become one of the most widely used services. The versatility of the cloud is making it one service that car manufacturers are not only looking closely at, but are planning to integrate into their cars. Soon your car may be cloud connected.

Cloud Features for Your Car:

While many people use the cloud to store files, videos and pictures, the cloud is capable of much more. Where cars are concerned, the cloud can remember your driving preferences and instantly download them to whichever car you drive.

Ford states their EVOS concept car would create a “handshake” with your cloud service to prepare the car for your driving preferences. It will be able to know what temperature you prefer the car to be, the way you drive, even your favorite music. That is just the beginning. The cloud car will also remember the routes you normally take, monitor traffic conditions for that route and warn you of any delays as well as offer alternate routes, without having to enter in any information like today’s GPS navigation requires.

One of the main functions that will make the cloud connected car a luxury is the use of the cloud in rental cars. If you are traveling and rent a car that is cloud connected, it will be able to gather the cloud information from your personal car and use it in the rental car. This will make the rental car prepare for your driving style, music preferences and if it is a return trip, the memory of your previous routes in that location.

Cloud Controlled Power:

One of the main focuses Ford is aiming the cloud for is in fuel efficiency. As the cloud remembers your routes, work schedules, and driving habits, it will use this information to better manage the power output of its hybrid engine. This aims to reduce the amount of fuel and battery consumption and adjust each properly for any driving situation along your route.

Driver Health:

Another feature of the cloud car will be the ability to monitor the driver’s health conditions. By using seats that monitor the driver’s heart rate, the car will be able to determine the driver’s stress level and workload and adjust the driving experience to reduce the stress.

Though Ford may be the first to announce the use of cloud services to personalize the driving experience, other manufacturers are looking for the use of the cloud as well. With the endless possibilities of the cloud, the features that may be included in the upcoming new car models will hold the same endless possibilities. Cars are quickly becoming the new tech that consumers won’t be able to be without.

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