2012 Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Services

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I personally think that cloud storage market is somewhat saturated. Yes, the demand is high, but new cloud storage companies are popping up with slight difference in services offered. As a natural result of such highly competitive market, cloud storage services are offering free, limited storage spaces for most customers, while trying to make ends meet from large accounts that require huge data storage space and pay via subscription payments.

If you are looking for free cloud storage to save and share your files, here are today’s top 10 free cloud storage offers, in no particular order:

1. Dropbox
Dropbox offers 2 GB of cloud storage space free for life. Also, as one of the frontrunner in cloud storage market, Dropbox continues to offer perks to customers, such as the ability to undo trashed files, in addition to the existing capabilities, such as storing and sharing files anytime, anywhere.

2. Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive
SkyDrive offers 25 GB of free online storage, allowing customers to store/share files and collaborate in the cloud. The main perks of SkyDrive are its e-mail and social network sharing. SkyDrive is also Office Web Apps-friendly, allowing user to create, edit, view and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files online.

3. Box
Formerly Box.net, Box offers 5 GB of cloud storage for free, allowing the storage of files sized at 25 MB up to 1 GB each. You can access your cloud drive via a mobile app and you can also share files via links. It also adopts open cloud policy, allowing you to connect your Box account to hundreds of third-party cloud apps.

4. Google Docs
Google Docs offers an almost-unlimited cloud storage if you know how to do it right; despite the seemingly smallish free storage of 1 GB, the limit is actually counted toward non Google Docs formatted files. So, if you have your files formatted to Google Docs file format, they will not be counted toward the storage limit. Plus, files shared with a Google Docs user also won’t count against the storage limit.

5. Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon Cloud Drive offers 5 GB of free cloud storage. A major perk: Songs or albums purchased straight from the Amazon MP3 Store won’t count against the cloud storage limit.

6. ZumoDrive
ZumoDrive offers is simple: 2 GB of free cloud storage; works with Windows, Mac, Linux and many smartphone platforms; supports multiple languages. Plain and simple, no catch.

7. Symform
Symform offers up to 200 GB of free cloud space – indeed, it’s huge; of course, there’s a catch. Initially, you would get a “standard” package of 10 GB of free storage. With downloading, installing and joining the Symform Cloud Storage Network, you will get an additional 10 GB; setting up and referring Symform to others (10 GB / referral) will get you up to 200 GB of free storage. A unique win-win proposition, indeed.

8. ADrive
ADrive basic edition offers 50 GB of free online storage with no catch. What’s included in the free plan: Universal user access, file sharing, folder/directory upload, file download, search, remote file transfer, international character support and Zoho Editor.

9. OpenDrive
OpenDrive offers 5 GB of cloud storage, free of charge. It allows the transfer of files sized up to 100 MB each, with 1 GB of bandwidth limit per day. It also offers direct linking to files, unlimited access and watermarking feature.

10. TeamDrive
TeamDrive gives 2 GB of free cloud storage, with additional perks, such as unlimited multiple server support via TeamDrive CloudServer, TeamDrive PersonalServer and WebDAV Serve. You can also get up to 8 GB of free space more if you refer new users (250 MB / referral.)

What’s your top pick for free cloud storage service? Why do you think it’s better than the rest? Please share your opinion by leaving your comment on this blog post.

Reference: CRN.

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  • Tamás

    My favorite cloud service sugarsync.
    5 GB free.

  • Joey

    Mine prefer Minus.
    10GB free storage up to 50GB if you invite your friends.
    Check it out.

  • I use Google Drive