2012 Top 10 Cloud Business Trends

cloud trends 2012

Welcome to the exciting world of cloud computing in 2012! Are you ready to incorporate cloud computing into your business? This year’s cloud computing trends will help you to navigate your business to the right direction throughout 2012.

Top 10 cloud business trends for 2012

1. Mobile cloud is on the rise
Mobile devices and technologies are even more accessible this year. With the launch of mobile devices, including the launch of tablets by major companies, such as Apple, Samsung and Amazon, mobile cloud market is very lucrative. A chance for business to develop mobile cloud apps and build mobile cloud solutions to grab the ever-growing customer base.

2. Cloud working/cloud commuting is booming
Related to no.1 above, with the availability of mobile devices and cloud services, 2012 will be a great year for you who want to live and work in location independent manner.

3. The year of hybrid clouds
With all the benefits of hybrid clouds, 2012 will be a prominent year for hybrid cloud computing. The ability to integrate multiple clouds – both private and public – with your existing IT infrastructure into one, big cloud help solve problems, such as cloud integration and cloud security.

4. The first cloud brokerage offerings
Cloud brokerage will become a reality this year, as businesses look to team with the others to share and manage cloud capacity. Cloud brokerage trend was already started, such as Cloudability that offer brokerage service to streamline billing and management and Cloud Foundry that help move workloads from cloud to cloud – expect the new niche in cloud computing to boom in 2012.

5. More cloud options
Sure, the pioneers – such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and Google – will always be the go-to cloud vendors. However, you should expect more cloud vendors to jump in offering top quality services, such Dynomesh and Zumasys.

6. Business continuity in the cloud
The cloud will play an even more prominent role in business continuity. Back in 2011, those who have their data secured in the cloud survive natural disasters. As force majeur will happen on regular basis and the cloud’s roles have been proven to be crucial in securing business assets, cloud solutions for ensuring business continuity will even be more prominent this year.

7. Smart everything
Soon, all devices will be connected to the cloud – expect the ball to get rolling this year. In automotive industry, smart cars will now include more cloud capabilities, such as moving data from/to your mobile devices via the always-on Internet in your car. In home technology, you are already able to monitoring your homes via web cams and your mobile devices. All of those will even more prominent this year.

8. Cloud security issues continue to linger despite better security strategies
US Gov’t invests heavily on Federal Cloud Computing Strategy. Expect cloud vendors to step up in securing their cloud services even more. Nevertheless, cloud security will always be a big problem, but there will be better solutions to minimize security breach. Indeed, just like everything online, the cloud is not 100% safe; it will never be, in my opinion.

9. Data will be moved from public cloud back to on-premise
The cloud craze in 2010 and 2011 causes companies, especially those adopting cloud computing without doing proper due diligence, put too much of everything in the cloud. Some will realize (or have realized) that they trust too much on the public cloud, exposing sensitive data to public cloud security and reliability issues; they will want to move their data back to on-premise IT infrastructure and/or setting up private cloud to gain back control over their data.

10. Jump into the cloud bandwagon – it’s inevitable!
You can’t deny it – everything is moving toward the cloud as it offers plenty of benefits for business, despite some lingering issues. Unless you want to lose your competitive advantages (as your competitors are already benefiting from the cloud from productivity and cost-saving standpoint,) you might want to consider more on cloud computing this year.

There you go – 10 cloud business trends to guide your business throughout 2012.

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