Twine KickStarter Project: Connect your Things to the Cloud

twine kickstarter projectWe have featured a couple of cloud-related KickStarter crowd-funding projects before: CloudFTP and OpenPhoto (both are successfully funded – CloudFTP still has 35 days to go before the launch date.) This time, we would like to feature yet another interesting cloud-based project: Twine.

What is Twine?

Twine, the brainchild of Supermechanical’s David Carr and John Kestner, popular designer-engineers who are also MIT Media Lab graduates, is a wireless device integrated with a cloud-based service. What it basically does is connecting your physical objects to the web via texting, tweeting or emailing.

For example, the device can post a tweet on Twitter when your laundry is done; it can also send you an email when your apartment basement floods while you are away on a vacation. The possibilities are limitless.

The 2.5″ durable device has built-in WiFi, temperature and vibration sensors, and a connector for other sensors. It is powered via an on-board mini USB or two AAA batteries (and yes, you will also get an email when you need to change the batteries!)

Twine is very easy to use and set up: Everything can be set up via a simple web application with no programming needed. Of course, if you are into programming you can always develop more functionalities based on Twine.

Check out this Twine video presentation to give you some ideas on what you can use Twine for…

So, what do you think of Twine? I like the genuine idea of Twine and I think the cloud device project has strong potential.

If you are interested in supporting the project and/or getting one for yourself before it launched to the market, check out this Twine’s KickStarter project page.

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