What’s Preventing Organizations From Using Public Cloud?

public clouds, cloud securityA common question theses days is what’s preventing organizations from using a public cloud? It appears the most prevalent reason is cloud security.

Cloud Security

The main theme among hold outs of joining a public cloud is all user information is in one central place. Everything from every end user is stored in a central location. So the fear is as it always is, hackers. If someone were to hack into a cloud server, the thought process is they would be served up a virtual buffet of confidential information.

Some military/government agencies would obviously have some tactical security measures in place to protect their intellectual property; but then again they use private clouds. So, is the answer a hybrid cloud? From a customer standpoint where businesses are concerned, the future may be just that.

Information such as transaction logs, log in information, credit info, etc would be more closely guarded in a private cloud structure. The cloud is just now becoming a major phenomenon and users have to know that all the kinks are not worked out.

Security is a concern, and will continue to improve; just as cloud applications and services will. It’s almost as if the cloud is still in Beta form. Organizations would be wise to do their research before employing any cloud services at all.

Obviously cost will be a factor as well. However, seeing as the general consensus where the cloud is concerned is security, it would be wise if organizations sacrificed some cost for end user peace of mind. There are so many choices in cloud computing; from public to hybrid, to Saas, Paas, even home user services like Dropbox. The main problem is companies are putting out their own cloud services at such a quick pace to top the next guy, all factors can not possibly be considered.

It’s sort of like when a celebrity dies and 4 or 5 people release an unauthorized biography of that person in one week’s time. It’s a good read, but not the best or most factual information. That’s the issue with companies releasing cloud services one right after the other… not the best or all kinks worked out.

If organizations want their cloud services to be utilized, they need to take their time, ensure all the bugs are worked out and that security is their number one concern.

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