Track Your Cloud Spending Through Cloudability

Businesses utilizing cloud services need a way to track their cloud spending. Analyzing costs and trends is a key factor in any business and the cloud is no different. Now you have the option to track cloud spending through Cloudability.

What is Cloudability?

“Imagine plopping down your credit card to turn on computer services late at night when there’s no time to get permission from your boss and then getting distracted before the weekend on another work emergency. On Monday, when you remember you signed up for the services, which you intended to use for just a short time, you discover you’ve racked up US$5,000 in charges on your personal card. It happens, said J.R. Storment, co-founder and chief customer officer of Cloudability, a company that hopes to make sure people don’t get stuck with such bills anymore.”

Open for public use today, in beta form, users will be able to track their spending from anywhere at anytime. Cloudability also allows users to set up alerts when they are about to reach pre defined thresholds. A key feature is a metric analysis tool that will monitor under or overused features as well.

All of this in an effort to streamline your business and keep your costs in line with your business budget. What businesses have seen inadvertently occur is; places like Amazon which make cloud use so simple to sign up for and use, have become a thorn in the side of businesses.

Personal Amazon cloud accounts have been used by employees to set up cloud services at work, which has caused personal purchases; such as clothes and shoes to be charged to business expense accounts. The ability to track cloud expenses will also allow business owners to snuff out the bad eggs. Those charging personal purchases to business accounts NOT by accident.

cloud spending, how to track cloud spending, cloudabilityThis is by far one of the best tools to surface as far as the cloud is concerned. Besides security, cost analysis was one of the key areas of concerns for business owners.

Developers of Cloudability hope users will utilize the optimization page; this will show cost comparisons for services as well as used and underused features and their cost vs cost savings.

All in all, it appears Cloudability is on the right track as far as solving a problem for business owners. Still in beta, problems are sure to surface but no doubt be worked out quickly as this is the only service of this kind available today.

Take complete control of your business budgets and check out Cloudability today. Click the link below for primary features.

Cloudability Features

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