5 Cloud Computing Trends for 2012

2012 cloud computing trendsCloud computing takes over the IT and business world by storm, and cloud computing adoption is on fast-forward, as businesses are finding ways to benefit from the cloud. This article will explore 5 cloud computing trends for the coming 2012, referring to a slideshow by IT Business Edge.

The reason IT Business Edge titled its cloud computing trends slideshow “Occupy the Cloud” has the rapid cloud computing adoption as one of the reasons – with politics aside.

Without further ado, here are the 5 emerging cloud computing trends to follow entering the year of 2012:

1. Private cloud adoption is on the rise – rapidly

Businesses’ CIOs want to take advantage of the tools and technologies available on the market today for private cloud.

2. Hybrid cloud is here to stay!

Seeing the hybrid cloud adoption across the mid and large businesses, it is apparent that hybrid cloud is here to stay. Hybrid cloud combines two or more clouds – private, public or community – and it is said to offer more flexibility and security for businesses.

3. Inevitable consolidation

Businesses are demanding flexibility from the cloud – thus there is a rising trend for cloud delivery model consolidation. SaaS, PaaS and IaaS will dissolve into a unified stack as a service delivery model.

4. Application-specific cloud communities are on the rise

Particularly in public cloud, application-specific cloud communities are starting to take form in 3 major areas: Application performance communities, regulatory communities and location-based services communities.

5. Managed services are back on demand – with new flavor: Cloud computing

Managed services is on the rise again as cloud computing has re-fueled interest in outsourcing, as businesses want to benefit from cloud computing and need help in the process. Clients are now demanding infrastructure management services, as well as any other implementation of cloud-based services

So, there you go – 5 trends to watch in cloud computing to help your business in getting ready for 2012.

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  •  Excellent post. I
    like the data you provided. I believe cloud computing will witness more
    growth then projected in this post. 

     Moreover, I believe a part of revenue and
    sales growth, we will see more and more cloud service providers moving
    towards managed cloud service offering that will fasten the pace of cloud

    Plus we will see cloud providers offering more automation and
    scalability to make cloud quick and reliable as highlighted in this post i
    read, http://www.cloudways.com/blog/cloud-computing-trends-in-2012 

     2012 would be interesting. Lets see how
    the coming year ends up!!