E-Commerce in the Cloud

cloud ecommerceWhy your website, project management system, and sales tools need the ability to process payments?

What we see in today’s e-commerce sites and any other types of site that require payments to be done online is just the tip of the iceberg. All we see is this pretty website with products and services organized and arranged in such a way to make potential customers easier to purchase or sign up. The back-end system of such payment-enabled website is pretty complex. I know because I built an e-commerce store about three years ago – and failed miserably to grow it.

What you need in the back-end system is beyond adding product photos, description and pricing into your e-commerce admin panel. You also need alert system to let you know when you’ve made a sale; you need to create and manage invoices and recurring payments (e.g. if your products are subscription-based); you need to be able to track products and services costs and commissions (e.g. if you use affiliate program to attract affiliate marketers); and, last but not least, you need to handle fulfillment exceptionally.

E-commerce software typically handle some functions, but not all – some only handle the shopping cart system; some handle everything but integrated fulfillment; some handle everything but payment processing. However, the most crucial e-commerce business function you need to handle well is payment processing. How so?

A good payment processing system – usually includes order fulfillment – can help you take care of your customers’ order from product selection to order fulfillment – seamlessly. You need to do this processing in a streamlined fashion, simply because you cannot afford to drop the ball somewhere in the middle of the order processing; doing so might lose your customers, and worse – your online business reputation.

So, how to process payments right?

Your online business in the cloud

Thus cloud computing comes to the rescue – how about e-commerce in the cloud?

Business cloud solutions, such as Knovial, can help you do business in the cloud. Knovial E-Commerce platform can help you manage your e-commerce site – everything from front-end design to back-end management system that includes payment processing – all done in the cloud.

Knovial E-Commerce and Payment features include the ability to import product and service details, manage invoices, manage costs, setup a microstore, manage reocurring payments, setting up sales alerts, and handle order fulfillment.

The e-commerce and payment processing system is integrated with other Knovial business cloud solutions – project management, marketing, CRM, website setup, etc. So you can virtually build any types of business on Knovial – and manage all its functions in the cloud.

Check out this video to learn about Knovial e-Commerce.

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