Apptivo: Better than Basecamp?

online project management toolAre you an entrepreneur, small business owner, freelancer or independent professional? If so, have you tried Apptivo, yet? If you haven’t you might want to read this Apptivo Review.

To brief you, Apptivo is basically a web based project management allowing you to virtually take your business and projects to the cloud. You can access more than 50 business applications from your Apptivo account securely – free of charge, always on 24/7/365. So, no more purchasing expensive software and be bothered with software updates, as you can get those from Apptivo for free.

More powerful cloud solutions for small business

Apptivo free saas project management is continuously developing its software; so, if you are currently considering Apptivo, I want to let you know that Apptivo is now launching the revised project management tool, called Projects App. The app will enable you to not only manage your business projects, but also collaborate with your customers, clients and suppliers. More power, more convenience and better productivity for your business.

Apptivo Project Apps launch will put Apptivo into a head-to-head battle with other popular online project collaboration tools, most notably BasecampHQ. BasecampHQ is an established and popular online project collaboration tool. Chances are, you have been recommended to try Basecamp. So, how Apptivo can win you over Basecamp?

Apptivo vs. Basecamp

Both are powerful online project collaboration tools – however, there are some issues you might want to take a look closely before you decide who to partner with.

Plan pricing

I don’t know how about you, but I love free business tools. If a free tool can give me as much power as the paid one, I would definitely choose over the free one. That being said, Apptivo is free (no hidden fees – there are paid services available for users, but they are optional) with 5 GB of free document storage and unlimited for everything else. For the same 5 GB of storage, Basecamp charges $24/month. Basecamp also offer a free plan, but with a very limited 1 project and 10 MB storage.

Projects and Accounts limit

Apptivo offers unlimited projects and user accounts. Basecamp does offer unlimited projects and user accounts, but for such perk, they charge $149/month.

Collaboration capabilities

One of the most important features of online project collaboration tool is the ability to collaborate with others. Basecamp does this well. However, Apptivo takes online collaboration one step further – you can now collaborate with your customers/clients – for free.

In collaborating, Basecamp uses Writeboards for “group writing” purpose and Campfire for group chat. Apptivo, on the other hand, uses Apptivo Pulse, a microblogging tool that enables you to do real-time updating on projects. So, it really depends on what you need…

Project management capabilities

Apptivo and Basecamp function pretty much similar in project template re-usability, file sharing and collaboration. However, Apptivo does have an edge in invoices and timesheets – time spent on a particular project is directly converted to invoices and timesheets.

Who wins?

I would personally choose Apptivo (it’s free and powerful!), but Basecamp does have more hype around the web. Perhaps this is because Basecamp is more established than Apptivo? (Basecamp has been around since 2004, while Apptivo was launched in 2009.)

The best thing you can do to find out is by signing up with both (both offers free signup) and give them a try to see which offers better solution for you in a cost-effective manner.

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    To me proofhub ( seems to be the second best project management tool after basecamp. I am using this tool for the past couple of months. Apptivo also seems to be nice I will give a look at this too.

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    Basecamp and ProofHub are good tools if you just want tasks, but if you’re growing out of that take a peek at for the full package.