Internet TV: Convergence of Best Technology With Widest Possible Entertainment Opportunity

cloud tvPopularity of Internet TV has been on the rise for the past few years, thanks to the low cost, better quality, and more options it offers for televisions viewers. Internet TV, in simplest terms, is the viewers’ ability to watch video streams using the Internet. It has changed the rules of entertainment by bringing together the latest IT, communication, and television technologies to one platform to offer the best real-time entertainment. While digital broadcasting, better sound and picture quality, interactive features, and personalized experience have enhanced the experience of watching television on Internet TV, video on demand and mobile television features have opened completely new playgrounds in the television entertainment.

Convergence of Technology

Technological convergence on Internet TV allows viewers to enjoy complete television experience while sitting in front of their computers. It has made it possible to watch actual and full content broadcasted by television channels online using broadband Internet connection through a typical website. You can watch live video streaming on the Internet without any hindrance. New and improved technology coupled with faster Internet services has contributed to high-quality transmission. Enhanced Internet delivery though broadband networks, satellite software, graphic media players, and embedded video streams have led to superior picture generation, better resolution, and low cost of streaming.

Due to the advances in research, decreasing broadband costs, increasing commercial use of the Internet, and growing number of people on the cyberspace, now satellite television stations are also involved in the streaming of their content on the Internet. They aim to reach viewers fast and offer them better services. The streaming technology has improved the presentation model on Internet TV. Embedded video streams and interactive pages are channelized through one website. Improved data compressing techniques and extensive flash use have helped in better video streaming despite low bandwidth.

Availability of hybrid set-top boxes, routers, dual-purpose monitors, and high-speed data cards have resulted in better image, sound, and HD feed of video streams. You can download software and make your system compatible to watch live videos, 3D images, and enjoy the fun of enhanced television experience.

Widest Possible Entertainment

More choices, interactive features, and personalized experience are some important features that contribute to the popularity of Internet TV. You can enjoy your favorite television shows and Internet services at once. You can chat with your friends, do online shopping, and enjoy e-commerce facilities while watching programs on your computer. You can watch most of the programs online free of cost. However, for real-time or live streaming online by cable or satellite channel operators, you have to pay. But this cost is based on pay-per-view principle and you pay only for what you want. Unlike cable television, Internet TV offers greater personalized experience. Viewers can pick and watch channels or programs according to your choice and convenience.

Video-on-demand services on Internet TV provide more choices compared to regular television. If you have missed a program or a movie telecasted on any specific day or time, you can order it online and watch at your convenience. A number of services providers have compiled online libraries of old programs and movies. Viewers can order and watch them at their pre-set schedule. Uninterrupted transmission and fewer commercials on Internet TV also attract many to shun conventional TV and enjoy entertainment online.

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