Advantages of Google Cloud Services

google cloud servicesGoogle is a giant–no disputing that fact. So why would small businesses expect anything less from Google, then top notch cloud services. Here at CloudBusinessReview, we have discussed the many benefits and issues concerning cloud computing. This post however, will highlight the top 10 advantages of Google cloud services.

Google Cloud Services

What we will do here for you is give you the top 10 advantages of Google cloud services, then in each subsequent post, we will give you the pertinent details of those services—one by one. This will allow you time to digest and do your own research on each benefit.

Google continues to jump ahead of the pack in every conceivable niche; the cloud is no different. Listed below for you are the top 10 and be sure to come back for each highlighted post detailing these benefits.

  • Cloud computing is in Google’s DNA
  • Faster access to innovation drives higher productivity
  • Users adopt new functionality with less disruption
  • Employees can be productive from anywhere
  • Google’s cloud enables faster collaboration
  • Google’s immense security investments help protect customers
  • Less data is stored on vulnerable devices
  • Customers get higher reliability and uptime
  • Google Apps offers extensive flexibility and control
  • Customers spend less through Google’s economies of scale

Our first featured benefit will be cloud computing is in Google’s dna. These will be short, feature packed posts giving you the most current, relevant information should you consider Google as your cloud service provider. For now, consider signing up for our free cloud computing report. It’s an easy to read comprehensive guide to all your cloud needs.

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