The Future is Recruitment Solutions Software

recruitment software solutions

Many organisations today are searching for intelligent recruitment solutions software that can integrate the entire scope of the personnel process. These interactive platforms are also known as human resource management systems. They offer the most efficient means to recruit for vacancies and manage personnel, payroll, data and reporting. By combining all HR functions into a single recruitment management solution, agency and hiring costs are reduced, efficiency is increased, times savings are maximized and significant cost savings can be realised. The competition in the business world is fierce and technology is what enables organizations to compete.

Recruitment Software Solutions

Traditional HR procedures are no longer sufficient to manage the large amounts of people data that a company collects on a daily basis. A hosting platform that supplies professional recruitment solutions that can screen applicants, save a permanent record of applications and CVs, thereby creating a pool of talent from which to fill future vacancies, is an invaluable business tool. The same interactive recruitment software solutions are able to manage current personnel, including absences, vacations, payroll, training, expenses, benefits and health or safety issues. In turn, the software provides comprehensive reporting capabilities for all data collected and eliminates the need to duplicate data entry functions for separate departmental uses. Compatible mobile applications give employees and management a self-service feature. Employees are able to request leave and interact with contacts and company directories from their iPhone, iPad or iPod. Managers have the ability to update employee information, approve or deny absences, record reviews and other information while away from their desks. The mobile app instantly updates the core HR system.

Security and Compliance Solutions

Security and compliance are issues that any online recruitment solutions software must also address. The security of the online platform is assured by the same principles of operation that make cloud hosting services secure. Internal security is on an access granted system, which prevents unauthorized persons from gaining access to restricted data. The system is programmed for all relevant regulatory compliance. Legal issues due to grievances or disputes are automatically negated by the constant internal audit process of the system.

A Recruitment Solution’s Cost Savings

Organisations using strategic recruitment solutions are realising cost savings of 10% in the beginning of usage, up to 40% on a long term basis. Costs are reduced when payroll and expense functions no longer need to be outsourced. Duplicate data entry is eliminated, saving man-hours. Recruitment agencies and other outside sources for filling vacancies are no longer needed. Time is saved by mobile apps that allow employees and management to perform duties while not in house. Self-service features for employees and managers eliminate what formerly, was a mountain of paperwork. Duplicate reporting is no longer necessary. Time and repetition of tasks equal revenue lost. When costly processes are eliminated, the road ahead becomes much smoother. Recruitment solutions are the wave of the future, and now is the time to take advantage of the newest cost saving technologies. Keep your organisation’s momentum going and move forward towards that future.

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