Personal Virtual Desktop in the Cloud: ZeroPC Review

zeropc reviewIf you are a budding webpreneur who want to aggregate or consolidate your accounts for a much simpler access or someone who feel that you need to somehow start to manage your digital clutter – and bring them all to the cloud, there is a solution for you: ZeroPC.

ZeroPC, a cloud-based personal virtual desktop, can help you solve your issues in having your important information scattered all over the web – and more. However, before we continue, let’s review how today’s web sites and tools – including those cloud computing apps and solutions – are both helpful and troublesome to many of us…

The caveats of too many cool sites and computing devices

There are so many sites and tools on the web today that are both interesting and useful for any kind of Internet users. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google, etc. – not mentioning the widely available cloud-based services, such as, Evernote, Huddle, etc. – are all easy to sign up and use.

However, with so many interesting things with the web today, you are facing issues: You need to somehow be able to remember all the login credentials of the services. Moreover, you will need to visit sites one by one to access the web services. Not really convenient and if you do those things for work purposes, you will start to lose productivity.

One scenario: If you are always on the cutting edge side of the Internet and social media, you know how it feels – you have dozens of login information and you somehow – for some reasons – don’t remember all of the login credentials! Plus, it’s too much to go back and forth between your Facebook, Google Plus and such – your browser tabs are no longer helpful, not mentioning the accidentally closed browser window tabs that display important sites you visit.

One more typical issues – this time experienced by online entrepreneurs who actually do business the cloud: You run dozens of blogs, each has its own email address; you also join dozens of social media accounts, store files with several cloud storage services (DropBox, EverNote, etc.,) use several cloud apps, etc. – simply too many login credentials to remember, too much things to handle.

Not stopping there, one more issue bug you: Your old PC or laptop that you just bought 6 months ago nags you on daily basis. Too slow, cumbersome and – it turns out that it is bogged down by viruses (not mentioning your crashed hard drive, losing your important files.) Maybe it’s time to buy a new laptop, even though you know that you are already over-budget?

Well, there is a solution for you: ZeroPC, a cloud-based virtual desktop service that can bring you all the goodness of cloud computing – read on.

What is ZeroPC?

ZeroPC is your personal virtual desktop in the cloud (if you enjoy technical jargon, ZeroPC is a private cloud solutions.) It enables you to literally move your good old desktop and what you normally do with it online, in such a way that you don’t need to bother with software installations, outdated PC anti-virus, PC software/hardware malfunctions, etc. – ever again.

In essence, ZeroPC bridges the gap between the Internet and PCs, allowing you to manage everything from one location, regardless of where the content is stored.

ZeroPC offers you a familiar interface – just like your good old desktop, but it’s online. You can do everything you can think of – open multiple windows, click and drop, start menus, change your desktop background image – everything.

More powerful than your local PC desktop, you can actually share your desktop with your friends and colleagues securely. And yes, you can keep your private information away from being shared – so, you can choose what to share and what not to share.

ZeroPC pricing

ZeroPC is free to use for basic features – that I think sufficient for most regular users. The Free plan can give you up to 15GB free storage in the cloud.

If you want more power with your ZeroPC account, you can just upgrade to the Pay as You Go plan by buying credits and only pay what you use (starting from $1/month.) The Pay as You Go plan can give you up to 50GB of storage, with many other perks, such as unlimited monthly download limit (pay as you go) and unlimited files and folders sharing capabilities.

You can learn more from ZeroPC’s feature comparison page.

How to use ZeroPC

You can start using ZeroPC in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up and log into your account.
  2. Click on the Account Manager icon in your online desktop and start entering the login information of your accounts – email accounts, social media accounts, cloud storage accounts, etc.
  3. Start working with your desktop in the cloud!

How ZeroPC can help me?

ZeroPC can help you with many things, all lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness of you and/or your organization resource allocation.

Individual users

To me – as a consumer -, the best benefit of ZeroPC is the ability to consolidate my accounts into one place. I am a webpreneur, so I have plenty of accounts – email accounts, social media accounts, and many other accounts – over 100 in total.

Let’s take email accounts as a specific example. Have you ever tried to move your emails and email accounts on your Microsoft Outlook from one PC to another? It’s a real pain – you need to export things to the new location.

With ZeroPC, you can set up an universal inbox that is not only consolidating your email accounts, but also your social networking messages – into a single place.

Organization users

ZeroPC can solve IT infrastructure issues in organizations. Schools and businesses are facing the same problems: What to do with the old computers? To avoid spending IT budget to acquire new PC, the organizations will need to repair and troubleshoot on regular basis, losing them plenty of valuable resources. Taking everything to the cloud can essentially remove the need for repairing and troubleshooting existing (and old) computers and systems – empowering you with the capabilities to access the desktops whenever, wherever.


We only scratch the surface of ZeroPC – it is more powerful, especially when implemented organization-wide. The ability to connect to devices and peripherals and share them with other users, user collaboration, etc. can help you to be more productive and cut IT costs – a true cloud computing solutions for business.

I recommend you to give ZeroPC a try – it’s risk-free, hassle-free and free to use!

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