Why Every Small Business Owner Needs Evernote and Dropbox

cloud storageContrary to popular belief, Evernote and Dropbox are not the same type of cloud storage program, and the fact that the two ever became synonymous with one another is ridiculous. Should you have to choose one over the other? No.

In other words, as an online business owner you should be regularly using both. Part of being an great business owner is knowing how to delegate and who to delegate certain tasks too – and that is how you should look at using both Evernote and Dropbox as both may provide storage, but each reigns supreme in different, yet complimentary areas.

So which program should you use for storing what?


Evernote’s icon is the elephant, and as the old adage goes “an elephant never forgets.” This is how you should think about Evernote. The program is best for long-term storage, and is the ultimate aggregate of random information that you pick up on the street. This is the place where you should keep your checklists, your to-dos, and your IOUs.

The program is the most ideal for keeping text. Although images and PDFs can be stored easily in Evernote, it isn’t the easiest to transfer these items to and from the program onto your computer – however, doing so with text is a breeze. So if you keep client correspondence, possible future blog posts, or save all old posts, Evernote is where you want to store them.


Unlike Evernote, where the predominate focus is text, Dropbox’s predominate focus is files. So say if you have various freelance employees needing to access files from your account, Dropbox allows them to do so whether they are getting paid to take surveys you created or to write web content from the spreadsheet you filed away.

Dropbox is also great for storing music files and images. So if you are incorporating various forms of media into your blog, which you should, Dropbox allows you a great way to store the various files you find along the way to use later.

Both programs are also easily accessible from any device with an internet connection. So whether you need to pull up files or text on your smart phone or laptop, you will easily be able to do so. Use the right tool for a job. Don’t force Evernote to do what Dropbox is good at or vice versa. You will only stress yourself out. Save yourself the time and effort, and simply use both programs. They are excellent and will easily help you organize your online business effortlessly when used together.

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