The Ultimate Small Business Cloud: Knovial Review

knovial reviewHave you ever tried Google Apps for Business? If you think Google Apps is the ultimate cloud solutions for your business, think again; you ain’t seen nothing yet – I’ve been recommended Knovial, and after I review it I conclude that it is a true small business cloud each and every small business owner should get her hands on.

No, I’m not trying to be hyperbolic. I’ve learned about some cloud solutions, apps and platforms and I must say – as a business owner myself – Knovial is potentially a game changer.

What is Knovial?

First of all, Knovial is not yet-another-online-collaboration-tool; it is not yet-another-Salesforce-cloud-CRM-look-alike; it’s also not yet-another-Google-Apps-clone, either. In fact, Knovial integrates everything and offers you your very own small business cloud.

Knovial CMS, CRM and marketing technology offers all-in-one cloud solutions for small businesses that embrace the web in their business strategy; this includes every business functions you can think of: Content management, sales, marketing, CRM, social marketing, SEO, and many more – more on this later. Read on.

Why Knovial?

In my opinion, Knovial significantly reduces the risk of cloud sprawl. So, instead of using multiple cloud apps and other SaaS solutions from multiple cloud vendors, which can cause compatibility and control issues, you should consider to integrate your small business with Knovial small business cloud.

Knovial’s business cloud and business team allow you to access cloud apps and services required to run a successful business. So, not only cloud apps, you can get services from Knovial’s team – all inclusive in your monthly plan. More on this below – read on.

Knovial features overview

Some highlights on Knovial business cloud features are as follow:

1. Content management: You can create unlimited number of forms, documents, blog posts, videos, projects – everything – within Knovial’s platform. You can also access a dashboard that can give you an overview on your business activities, including your business website activities, sales and marketing. And yes, like most good cloud platforms, you can collaborate with your team inside your Knovial business account.

2. Marketing: You can commence email marketing campaigns from Knovial platform: Create email layout and campaign, send drip emails, send voice mails and faxes, market intelligence, etc.

3. E-Commerce/store: You can create fully-functioned online store, with all the back-end functions like invoicing, payment management and order fulfilling. You can add unlimited number of content – images, videos, links, etc.

4. Sales team/CRM: You can manage your sales team and sales leads, held sales meetings, and pay your sales team commissions.

5. Merchant services: Accepting credit cards is not a problem with this Knovial feature. You can also integrate payments into your projects, and many more.

6. Events and webinars: You can create any number of events and webinars from inside your Knovial account, promote them in your site and easy

7. Search engine marketing (SEO): You will get your website’s SEO analysis and report, to see the impact of your SEO campaigns. Also, you can get directory submissions and article distribution services.

8. Social media marketing (SMM): You can setup social media profiles and have Knovial team to promote them using various methods, including video submissions, directory submissions, as well as update the social profiles for you.

9. KnovialSOCIAL: You are empowered to engage your social networks right from your Knovial account… and your mobile phone. You can post status updates on your business Facebook account, tweet updates on your Twitter account, and many more.

10. KnovialSALES: Easy to use mobile sales tool for iPhone. Manage prospects, customers, orders and tasks right from this single cloud application.

11. KnovialMEDIA: Another great iPhone tool to allow you stream and download videos on the go.


You can access your business in the cloud for $299/month (unlimited changes with e-commerce features) or $1299/month (everything plus search marketing (SEO) and social marketing) – no contract required.

The cloud offers flexibility; that being said, you can customize the plan according to your business needs – just contact Knovial with your requirements, and they can suggest you something.


Knovial is promising. The plan pricing is not for every small business owner, but if you are serious about getting the words out about your business on all available medium – online and off line – while increasing your productivity, Knovial business cloud can give you just that.

Consider this: Hiring a full time social media manager alone can cost your business more than $50,000/year or about $4,000/month (excl. benefits.) Running your social marketing campaigns on Knovial with the help of Knovial team only costs you less than a third of that – with much more perks. Go figure.

I recommend you to visit Knovial’s website and please share us what you think about the business cloud – is it any good? Will it offer a help your business? Please leave your comment on this article.

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