Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage and Cloud Hosting make Headlines: Cloud Business News Roundup – September 12-18, 2011

cloud backupThis week’s cloud business news roundup features updates on everything involving your data storage in the cloud: Cloud hosting, cloud backup and cloud storage.

The cloud offers unparalleled solutions for storing your data in the cloud for backup and security purposes. There is a simple logic following that trend: The cloud services store your data in the cloud securely, in such a way that you can always access them whenever you need them, for various needs: backups, storing important data, sharing data, and more.

The question is, do you actually have cloud backup plans for your business? If you don’t, then you need to strongly consider cloud backup solutions.

Fortunately, you have plenty of options to choose from. This week alone, there are literally hundreds of updates on everything cloud storage, as well as cloud backup and cloud hosting solutions. We have picked several worth-noted news pieces to help you decide:

Bitcasa offers infinite cloud storage for just $10/month

Implementing data deduplication technology – hence the low price tag – Bitcasa is not your typical cloud backup or file sharing solutions.

Bitcasa synchronized the data in your computer device to the cloud, scan and analyze your data, and store only one version on the cloud. So, if there are 10 same business white papers coming from different users, Bitcasa only store 1 version in the cloud to be accessed by the 10 users.

Zetta cloud storage service provider raises $9 million in business funding

Cloud storage is promising, and investors know it. Targeting enterprise storage in the cloud, Zetta takes your data to the cloud and protect it well.

FireHost cloud hosting provider raises $10 million in business funding

Not only Zetta, FireHost also enjoys fresh capital to grow the business well. As well as cloud backup, cloud hosting is rising in popularity because it offers flexibility and scalability, allowing clients to pay only what they use, nothing more.

FireHost will use the additional capital to grow the company and enter the European market, starting from the UK.

NTT America partnered with Asigra, Coldstor Data and VMware to offer cloud backup solutions

NTT America, a telecommunications vendor, formed a partnership with three cloud companies – Asigra (cloud backup and data security,) Colstor Data (data archiving) and VMware (virtualization) – to offer these cloud computing solutions for small business and enterprise customers alike: data protection recovery and business continuity services.

Symform focuses on low-cost cloud storage market

Symform boasts its storage cloud system to be 10 times cheaper than the conventional cloud adoption. Not only cheap, the cloud storage solutions Symform also features cloud security and simple setup process.

Here’s how it works: Symform uses peer-to-peer networking system, incorporating unused PCs’ hard disk spaces within the network as storage spaces in the cloud, to form a fully-functional service.

So, there you go – plenty of choices for you; if you want recommendations, just read our Cloud Business Review on regular basis…

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