Project Drive Review: A Project Management Software offering Great Flexibility

project management softwareCloudworking – or working with and within the cloud using cloud apps and cloud-enabled devices – will replace telecommuting altogether anytime soon. The availability of project management software help you to work in the cloud better. If you want extra flexibility in managing your projects, you should try Project Drive. Read on.

What is Project Drive?

You know the drill – project management software allows you to collaborate with your team online. You and your team can work together from different locations. You can get reports, charts, share files, utilize resources, communicate with team members, track what’s going on and many more. Project Drive can do all that – with a major perk.

Check out this Project Drive video tour to see what the project management tool can offer you:

Project Drive = flexible

Project Drive takes project management to a different level of customizability – it claims to enable you to do infinite customization. You can actually track anything – thanks to the ability to use custom fields, ranging from a simple text field to a complex tree structure for hierarchical data. You can custom-tailor your projects however you want, as if it was created just for your particular project.

Here is the video highlighting the customizability of your project templates:

I think one of the most important features of Project Drive is the dashboard. From it you can track all of your projects, check their status and allows you to intervene quickly.

Free trial and pricing

Project Drive is available in two plans: Enterprise Edition and Server Edition.

On Enterprise Edition plan, you can access unlimited number of projects, templates and reports – all customizable to your need. You will also have a 5 GB of file storage, with $10/GB/month extra when needed. The plan pricing starts from $25/month/user or $250/month/user.

The Server Edition is available for companies that require hosted in-house solution. You can also have Project Drive installed in your servers.

You can actually try before you subscribe; Project Drive is currently offering a free 10-day trial.

The free trial signing up process is pretty simple; all you need to do is to fill in your contact details, as well as the required date/time for a presentation. That’s all. No credit card required to try Project Drive – so no risk to you, whatsoever.

My verdicts

One of my major concerns in using project management software is the inability for the software to meet even my projects’ basic needs. Project Drive answers my concern by offering highly customizable templates, allowing me to tailor the templates for my specific needs – I can even create a project template to track my personal time with this software so that I can be more productive in life.

If you love flexibility as I do, I recommend you to consider Project Drive.

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