The Future of Cloud Computing for Business

cloud computing predictionCloud computing is evolving rapidly. Along with the huge interest of businesses adopting the cloud to benefit from all the goodness of cloud computing, today is actually a challenging, yet fascinating time for business IT.

With all the cloud computing risks that can negatively impact business operations and productivity – business owners trust some, even all of their companies’ business functions to the cloud.

If the trend continues, cloud computing will change the way we do business, how things work with our business IT, and even how we interact with others; cloud computing is, indeed, life-hacking.

The future of business IT is within cloud computing’s hands

With such rapid evolution of cloud computing, tech experts are trying to predict what the future holds for our business and personal life with cloud computing. An article from CIO offers you some interesting predictions on how cloud computing will change business IT for good – here are the recap:

1. IT system will have huge capacity

With the elastic nature of the cloud, it’s normal to expect IT systems to be able to handle 1 or 1 million processes. So, business applications and IT systems will be designed with no consideration on capacity – with cloud computing, the potential capacity may be infinite.

2. Your life will be “embedded” to the Internet via various devices

As scary as it sounds, your life will not only be “connected” to the web, but “embedded” to the web – all thanks to cloud computing. You will no longer be required to “log on” to the cloud; you ARE living in the cloud. With plenty of specialized devices connected to the cloud, it’s easy to assume that in the future, you won’t need to check on your devices to do anything; it’s actively connected to the Net, anyway.

3. IT components will become much cheaper, if not free

Operating systems, applications, etc. will become much cheaper, or even be replaced altogether by open source software components – this will happen in near future, in my opinion. Today, there are free software and services that can offer you great capabilities… Cloud storage? Near-free (DropBox lets you use up to 2GB of storage space for free); Cloud hosting? Near-free (Heroku allows you to host your applications for free); Cloud services? Near-free (CloudFlare allows you to improve your site performance and security for free.)

4. New, cloud-based IT that restructures legacy IT

Business IT in the future will have the capability to manage existing IT system – reducing their costs, improving their performance – all in all, making them as efficient and effective as possible.

5. PaaS will play a dominant role in business development

Business IT will rely heavily on PaaS (Plaftorm as a service) as it offers something that can give them rapid development while increasing businesses’ competitive advantage. I mentioned about Heroku – it’s actually offering PaaS for application developers to do what they do best: Developing applications for businesses – instead of mingling with the whatnot, such as thinking about resource capacity, etc.

6. Shortage of application developers

The high demand of cloud-based applications will increase the demand on application developers. Related to #5 above, as PaaS will be the main focus of businesses, skilled application developers all well-sought-after; this will result in huge demand in applications with low supply of app developers (developing applications will most probably be a dream job of the future.)

So, what do you think? Will such predictions happen in the future? Is cloud computing really that life-changing? Please let us know your opinions by leaving your comments on this article.

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  • Greg

    I would add that almost every application immaginable will become easily integratable within the cloud. Should be as easy as flipping a few switches to add applications that seamlessly integrate.