How to Build a Successful Cloud Business

successful cloud business services providerWe always present you with updates on cloud computing for business and reviews on top cloud services – in other words, we focus a lot on cloud services in the eyes of the cloud users. This time, we focus on the cloud solution providers – one question to answer: How to build a successful business offering cloud services to business and personal users?

Ready to start a business offering cloud services? Here is a highly recommended resource: I stumble on this great article on ZDNet, titled “The Five Keys to Building a Successful Cloud Services Business.” I think it is very useful in helping you to start and run a cloud business right. Here are 5 tips to help you build a successful cloud service provider:

1. Be unique and focus on your strengths

“Been there, done that” is something you should avoid. Let’s take cloud project management for example – many providers are offering similar services targeting similar market that I have difficulty in finding the difference among them.

One best practice is to start right from your target niche in a specialized market, and start building a business and establishing expertise from there.

2. Offer immediate answers to your target market

Businesses need answers; they have heard about cloud computing, but don’t know how to start and benefit from it. Your job is to answer the strong demand with a solution that can make their life easier.

3. Dispel myths – not all issues answered by the cloud

“Our cloud solutions can meet every business’ needs” is a myth. A successful cloud business is the one that is not pitching potential clients with that claim.

You need to offer customized service as no one-size-fits-all solution available to answer all business needs. Each and every business has its own challenges and needs, and it’s your job as a cloud service provider to answer your target market’s needs.

4. Deliver to customers using the right platforms

Choosing the right cloud platform and technologies is crucial. The right cloud platform offers flexibility for cloud service provider to answer clients’ needs (flexibility means less resources to run a cloud business.)

5. Leverage possible resources you have to achieve success

A cloud solution provider needs to join forces and network with the right technology partners. A professional technology partner can offer a cloud business training and education – including insider tips – on how to “attack” the market.

Are you ready?

Competition in the cloud is tough. New cloud services are launched on daily basis; despite the cloud market is growing rapidly, new cloud services are also growing rapidly – the situation in the cloud computing for business arena today is high-supply, high-demand; you need to step up your game to be a successful cloud business.

The question is, are you ready?

Image: scottchan

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