Where to Look for Online Project Management Software Reviews?

online project management software searchMany businesses going cloud are using cloud-based project management and collaboration solutions. The decision is a no-brainer as such online project management software will definitely benefit businesses in two key areas: Location-independent and cost-effective collaboration.

Location-independent online collaboration

Online collaboration software allows you and your team to work on projects virtually from any part of the world – as long as you have an Internet access and computing device. This will result in increased productivity and flexible working as everybody can contribute at a predetermined time or independently – with the help of time tracking software that is included in many online project management software.

Cost-effective online collaboration

Many online project management solutions offer free basic plans or free trials, allowing you to access the basic functions your business need, as well as testing the system to see whether it’s suitable for your business needs.

When you need more features and accessibility, cloud-based project management tools are usually offering scaling features, allowing you to scale up according to your business’ rising demand, giving more perks in return for a certain amount of subscription fee. True cloud project management solutions should offer scale-up and scale-down features as the customers required seamlessly.

I’d like to have a go for online project management – which one is the best for me?

The question above is trivial, because the answer really depends on your business needs and what’s your plan with the cloud software. No online project management solution is perfect; each comes with both pros and cons.

The simplest way for you is to search the web for recommendations, testimonials and reviews. However, you need to be careful not to stumble on scam sites offering you fake reviews. A better way for you is to visit reputable web-based business software directory, such as Web-Based-Software.com.

Web-Based-Software.com – established in 2001 – offers a big list of web apps, featuring a directory of online project management software. A wealth of project management solutions can be found from the category, along with reviews written by their experts to help you decide which solution is the best for you.

Not only project management, the web app directory also feature online business software from other categories, such as CRM and help desk, HR management, event scheduling and many more. From the homepage, you can either browse for business software based on category or review – so, no more guessing game in finding the best web-based solutions for your business.

If you are a business software developer yourself, you can list your web apps and cloud business solutions for free, or join Web-Based-Software.com’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program to get your apps featured for better exposure.

Some tips to help you choose the right online project management software

Cloud solution reviews and testimonials are great in helping you decide the best online tools for your business. However, you should not stop there – you need to do your due diligence. The best thing you can do is to benefit from the free basic plans and free trials offered by most cloud business solution providers.

Use the free plans and free trials to test things out before you are moving more -if not all – business functions and activities to the cloud.

One more tip: While trying the project management services, be sure to contact the support or customer service for any questions you might have. This way, you can also learn about the responsiveness of the software support team – something that will become crucial when you decide to have your entire business on the cloud in the future.

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  • Your last tip is very helpful. By testing the support team, you can get an impression of how serious that company works and if they care about you as their customer.

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    Today I came to know about an awesome project management tool i.e. proofhub .. Seems to be very interesting, you guys can check it out..