Cloud Computing Basics for Business – a Review on Cloud Business Review

cloud business reviewCloud computing is rapidly evolving and many feel that there is not enough information for cloud computing that is newbie-friendly. Sure, there are plenty of cloud computing resource websites that cater CTO and IT managers, but only a few that really cater non-techie business owners and professionals.

Cloud Business Review is one of those few that present cloud computing information, tips and trends without all the jargon (if we do use jargon, we will explain it thoroughly.) Cloud computing should be for everyone, so why make it complicated?

Here is another review from one of readers, Michael. He thinks that this site can cater readers from many professional backgrounds – techie and non-techie – simply because the information about cloud business and cloud computing inside is presented with accessibility in mind: Jargon-free and newbie-friendly.

So, to chime in, Cloud Business Review is especially built for non-techie – whether you are a business owner using cloud solutions for your business or someone who has no idea whatsoever about cloud computing and anything related to the cloud, our content and resources can help you in getting better insights on cloud computing for business topics: “What’s the ROI of my cloud computing integration?” “When should I move to the cloud?” “How to go cloud?” “What risks involved in taking my business to the cloud?” And many other questions you might have.

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