3 Reasons Why Your Business should be in The Cloud: Cloud Business News Roundup April 25 – May 1, 2011

go cloudDespite all the risks related to cloud computing, cloud business solutions are proven to be beneficial for companies that decide to go cloud. This week’s highlight is on the reasons why your business should adopt the cloud to give you a competitive edge over your non-cloud-powered competitors.

Despite the answers to the question, “should my business adopt the cloud,” are mostly the ambiguous “it depends…,” some developments this week show us more reasons why businesses of all sizes should consider cloud computing as their “vehicle” to achieve increased productivity, lowered IT budget and stronger business growth. Here are 3 reasons why you need to consider migrating your business – at least several of your business functions and/or processes – to the cloud:

Reason #1: Workforce optimization

Check out this interesting article about how cloud computing can help your business to get stronger. Among all interesting points shared in the article, I noted these three most important ones:

  • Business continuity: Remember the Japan earthquake? Those adopting the cloud experiences less damage than the rest as their business functions and data are save within data centers outside Japan. The cloud allows operational continuity; this is good for your business and your staffs.
  • Break down the barrier to entry: Your business don’t need huge IT budget and your team doesn’t require comprehensive tech knowledge to compete with the big guys – thanks to the cloud.
  • The ultimate project collaboration: Collaborate with your team – anywhere, anytime.

Reason #2: The cloud help you leverage your business resources and implement the 80/20 rule

Related to increased productivity, the cloud can help you leverage your investments – time, energy and money.

Here’s one example of how cloud computing can entrepreneurship and business owners to do more (with less): How about managing multiple companies in the cloud? Tom Kelly, the Managing Director of T-Edward – a cloud business integration facilitator, manages nine companies using cloud business solutions.

Mr. Kelly said that the single biggest advantage of running nine businesses in the cloud is that he can access them in full – from any part of the world – using almost any Internet-enabled devices; this saves a company hundreds of thousands dollar a year.

Following Pareto’s Law or the 80/20 rule, Tom Kelly explains that the cloud business solutions he use allows him to manage the 80% of business processes – those 80% includes each business’ basic needs: sales, payroll, expenses, services, etc.

Reason #3: Going cloud is a low-risk business investment that can yield superb ROI

Investment-wise, adopting cloud computing is a low risk move that can yield superb Return-On-Investment (ROI) in term of money saved by going cloud, according to SBNOnline.com.

Jeff McNaught, the Chief Marketing Officer of Wyse Technology said that cloud computing cuts operating expenses by 40 percent via energy saved (his company builds a device purposed to replace a PC and is connected to the cloud – and consume 90% less energy than a PC) and more efficient business operations.

So, will you take your business to the cloud?

As abstract as the concept of cloud computing itself, my answer is – just like the others – “it depends…” I suggest you to test the water with the cloud business solutions’ free offers – and your least important business functions – before you move more business functions to the cloud.

To help you decide, I recommend you to check out our cloud migration ROI calculator.

Image: cloud-room

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