Cloud Business News Roundup: March 7 – 13, 2011

cloud computing jobsContrary to the global trend of slow economic recovery with no hiring on sight, the cloud computing sector is growing exponentially, in such a way that businesses adopting the cloud needs smart people – both IT and non-IT background – to run their business cloud.

Cloud job trend is our highlight of the week. We feature it for one reason: The cloud computing hiring spree is now on, as cloud businesses are looking for cloud-savvy people to administer their cloud.

The growth of cloud computing job opportunities is mainly driven by two of the cloud computing leaders, (With its Amazon Web Services – AWS) and Rackspace Hosting. lists more than 400 cloud computing jobs, while Rackspace is looking to fill 100 positions in various IT job openings, mainly the cloud-related ones.

Hopefully, the upward trends will continue. Cloud computing is driving economic recovery, indeed.

Here are our other top picks this week ending March 13, 2011:

Cloud computing can reduce the energy use and carbon footprint of computing by up to 90 percent

Cloud computing is environmentally-friendly computing; according to a collaborative study from Microsoft, Accenture and WSP reveals that running business software in the cloud can reduce the environmental footprint significantly.

The importance of business continuity in the cloud

Scalability, fault tolerance and redundancy are all important factors in ensuring your business continuity. Service disruption will only mean lost revenue and negative business image. MirrorCloud, a backup and disaster recovery app for enterprises, will implement advanced data cloning technologies that will reduce, if not eliminate, problems due to downtime and any other IT-related problems.

Should energy businesses go cloud?

According to Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, the answer is yes. Mr. Ballmer explained that energy businesses face the same challenges as tech businesses: Meeting huge demands. He further argued that cloud technology can help energy conservation and improve the way energy businesses uncover new resources.

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