Widgetbox is now Flite, a Cloud-based Advertising Solution Provider

flite cloud advertising platformWidgetbox, was offering online tools to build online widgets, is now offering cloud-base advertising platforms under a new name, Flite. I think Flite will be a household name in online advertising industry with their interactive technology. Read on to learn more about Flite and what the cloud company has to offer.

Flite is an ad company offering cloud-based ad platform that help advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies to build, deliver and tracks attractive ads with a claim – Flite will help them to increase their Return on Investment (ROI) by up to 10 times while reducing ads developing time to one-tenth the time. To support the cloud business operations, Flite has raised US$26.5 million from investors, according to VentureBeat.

Additionally, the cloud-based advertising technology Flite offers will also features interactivity, dynamic content updates from advertisers, and social media integration. The ad itself is powered by Widgetbox technology and delivered using Adobe Flash technology.

oracle flite ad screenshot
Flite-powered Oracle ad (screenshot)
Flite is said to create ads as “minaturized web pages,” pulling content via API in real time. To get some ideas on how powerful Flite is, check out their ads showcase, displaying ads from various top brand names created with Flite technologies.

Their client base is high profile: Microsoft, IBM, FedEx, Oracle, Sony, Yahoo! and many more.

I must say they are highly interactive and they do function like web sites – clickable items on navigation bar with multimedia content – texts, videos, graphics, etc. For such functionalities, the ad loads really quick and looks real good, making the image ads – even animated ones – and other Flash-powered ads look lame. I am sure the Flite ads will convert well, as interactivity is the key in getting clickthrough – something that Flite seems to excel in.

I personally think Flite will go far with their innovative technology. Online advertising industry is on the rise and providing tools for advertisers and publishers to serve ads is a smart move.

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