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The availability of cloud tools today has made entrepreneurs’ life easier to quickly launch a business and/or product. Indeed, they made “lean startup” possible. But what is it, anyway?

Lean startup is an approach to shorten product development cycles, progress measurement, and feedback collection. Initially developed with tech startups in mind by Eric Ries back in 2008, the lean startup principles can be now adopted by any businesses and individuals to quickly launch new products/services into the market.

More often than not, tools required to adopt the philosophy. Cloud-based tools are great companions to launching a business adopting the lean startup philosophy due to their inherited perks: Web-based, scalable and (mostly) adopting pay as you go/utility-like plans. Plus, you can work on the go, as long as you are connected to the Internet – this in itself enables entrepreneurs to speed up progress of their startup phase and address any issues almost immediately.

What tools and services available for lean startup?

I follow this well-maintained list from Listly containing hundreds of cloud tools and services you can use in helping you launch your startup and product quickly. Check ’em out!

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