How to Use Cloud to Find an Accountant?

Recently, cloud technologies has become hugely popular in the world of IT. With their use you can store thousands of documents without any fear that they will be lost somewhere or stolen by hackers. Also, cloud technologies eliminate the need for local storage. There are a lot more advantages but here we are going to talk about the benefits of using cloud for finance, namely, accounting field.

Cloud technologies appear to be perfect for work with documents. As accounting is directly related to making analysis of books, cloud can also be applied to any kind of this job including tax preparer, bookkeeper, Certified Public Accountant and other.

Cloud search for accounting services

Cloud offers convenience

What is more convenient, on the base of cloud technologies web developers create services that help business owners find a professional they need to entrust keeping the records, calculating taxes or making financial statements, etc.

For example, with use of you can outsource your responsibilities to any accounting professional in a few simple steps. First, begin your search with deciding on what specialist you need. Secondly, write him a message describing a scope of work needed to be conducted.

It is recommended to set an approximate price for work by sharing the documents on the platform in advance.

Who to find: A bookkeeper or CPA?

In case, you doubt what professional to choose, here is an advice. If you want only some insignificant tasks to be performed such as calculating taxes, you can find a bookkeeper but if you need accounting services all the time, perhaps, such certified specialist as a CPA would be a good choice.

One might say that CPAs are twice more experienced than standard bookkeepers as to become a CPA (auditor) one need to:

  • graduate from a Department of Accounting and Finance;
  • earn a master’s or bachelor’s degree;
  • get a CPA certification;
  • obtain 1 or 2 years of working experience.

The CPAs gain this position after passing a Uniform CPA exam. CPA certification makes them stand out from other financial specialists.

If you need to find a professional to make an audit or perform some complicated financial operations, the CPA is a perfect candidate. Only a few of those who study at the Department of Accounting and Finance are able to pass a Uniform CPA exam because the standards for being a professional auditor are very high. The exam is extremely difficult to pass, so that only 20% of people who take part in it, are able to succeed.

Here are duties performed by most accountants:

  • collecting bank statements, checking registers, day sheets;
  • making financial statements which are used for banking, internal management purposes;
  • preparing a payroll including paychecks, quarrelling annual report, etc.


To conclude, one more word about the usefulness of using cloud-based e-commerce accounting platforms. If you look for a professional in this field, you are offered with a wide range of professionals you can easily communicate with. Also, all the documents you share are stored in one place. Besides, you can manage your store anywhere you can access Internet. This is a very cheap solution as you don’t have to purchase any software.

In the end, cloud technologies are much safer way to share documents as they are kept on one platform and website administrators are responsible for their secure storage.

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