Comindware Project Enables you to Manage Projects and Collaborate in the Cloud

I have talked about Comindware software products several times in the past for one good reason: They are one of the front-runners in the online collaboration and project management arena, and they continue to transform their award-winning solutions to cater the increasingly complex work management.

Comindware has recently named as 2014 Stevie Award finalist for Most Innovative Company of the Year.  The results are yet to be announced (the announcement is on Friday, June 13, 2014.)

Comindware Project

In this review, I would like to talk about one of Comindware’s products: Comindware project management software.

I’ve tested many cloud-based project management and collaboration solutions, and so far, only a few cloud collaboration software I can recommend you for the top-notch overall quality.

Let me explain.

A couple of years ago Comindware took their products to the cloud, transforming them from that-typical on-premise solutions to SaaS.  With that being said, Comindware Projects are now cloud-based, giving users the decision to go cloud or on-premise.

Indeed, using Comindware Projects is as easy as 1-2-3… literally.  Just sign up, have your account provisioned, and there you go – you can start collaborating and managing projects.

Comindware Project collaboration

“But any other cloud-based solutions offer an easy installation, too” you say.  Well, you see, ease of use if just the tip of the Comindware Project’s iceberg.  What lies underneath are simply one of the most powerful solutions to date.

Here’s what Comindware Project can offer you:

– Visualize everything: Prioritizing tasks, assigning team members, changing project specs… everything can be done using the visual tool.  Just make the necessary changes – e.g. dragging nodes to the right location – and resource allocation is done by the system; hands free on your side.

Visual task allocation

– Prioritize your planning automatically: Stop scheduling work manually! Assign tasks and define prioritize via Comindware UI and the system will create your plans automatically.

Comindware Project visual editor

– Predictive Gantt chart: Gantt chart is a must-have in tracking your project progress.  However, the rapid changes in the market often require you to update the course of your project. With Comindware Project, you don’t have to do that manually, as Comindware Project’s Gantt chart will give you the actual completion date.

– Use Rooms for managing teams: Rooms is a powerful Comindware Project feature allowing you to build a community, e.g. your team members, suppliers, clients, etc. in where you can discuss the project’s progress, issues, as well as orchestrating your project management.

– The Document Management functionality: This feature lets you and your team members to store and share documents related to the ongoing projects. No more missing or duplicate documents.

– Tracking the time spent for working on a project with Timesheets: Keep track the time spent by every team member in real time. No more inefficiency and lost productivity.

– Master resource allocation with Workload Management: This functionality makes it possible to allocate resources better among projects.

Automatic resource allocation - Comindware Project

– Company Directory keeps every contact easily accessible: Never lost another contact  person and/or phone number – keep everything in a directory, searchable by you and your assigned team members.


Sounds too good to be true? Well, it IS good.

I particularly keen on the ability to add/remove/update projects visually, in real time.  And the best part is – you and your time members can access your account anytime, anywhere.

The ease of use and flexibility are also worth mentioning, as I can sign up and get everything up and running in minutes.  Flexibility-wise, it’s out of question: You can manage any kind of projects – marketing, IT, and any other aspects of your business you can think of.

A true cloud-solution for any company sizes.

I recommend you to give Comindware Project a try; make use of the 30-day free trial offer. To learn more, please visit

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