Top 10 Trends That Impact Mobile Cloud Computing

Now, it is evident that cloud is the present and the future of shared computing. Organizations are moving their operations on the cloud which is compelling the mobile companies to move their services on the cloud as well.
Here are top trends that are shaping up the mobile cloud:

1) M-commerce

The biggest thing that has impacted the mobile cloud is using the mobile phone for mobile transactions. 20 years ago, we could not have imagined paying our utility bills while sitting at home, let alone on the move. But today one can do this very activity very easily through his mobile phone. M-commerce has brought about a welcome change in the way we use our money.

2) Increase in the Use of Handheld Devices

Last decade has a seen a mind boggling increase in the sales of mobile handsets. Many companies have come into the market with all new technologies and old players are naturally finding it hard to maintain their foothold. All this has happened because of the need for a mobile phone. Most of the major companies are providing their employees with mobile handsets so that they can work on the move and can access the files from a common source and this has led to the growth of the cloud as well.

3) 3G and 4G

With great speed comes better bandwidth and with that one can run bandwidth intensive applications on the mobile phone. With the advent of 3G and 4G, the speed has increased drastically giving the developers freedom to build better applications.

4) Network Providers Entering into the Market

For long time hardware manufacturers have monopolized over the functioning of the phone. But with Verizon and Vodafone launching their cloud the picture is about to change, big time.

5) Emergence of tablets

More and more companies nowadays are providing their customers with tablets rather than a laptop. This shift in paradigm has brought about a change as now every company is moving to mobile cloud.

6) HTML5

World over HTML5 is regarded as the standard when designing a website. This uniformity helps the developers to build an app which is runnable on every device. The apps built moreover have descent security and capability.

7) Fragile

Mobile Phone is a fragile device as it can easily get lost or can get stolen so the information accessible through it should be limited. This factor always looms large when considering mobile cloud.

8) Fragmentation

As discussed earlier, the devices in use today are much more than they were a couple of decades ago. This has resulted in diversity and fragmentation. Some people are using the older version of the OS while others are getting use to the latest one. This difference in usage has affected mobile cloud in a very big and positive way, since everyone now tends to access data from cloud so that the internal OS does not become a hindrance in the working of the phone.

9) Emergence of Smart Apps

Nowadays Smartphones use smart apps as these apps access their critical data from the cloud. The days of using internet for just browsing are over and to meet the new demands, mobile cloud is a must.

10) A different approach

In the modern era, consumer is more interested in the services that are being provided rather than the hardware, as most of the companies are offering somewhat similar hardware options. This change in thinking and approach has led to the companies installing applications which provide the requisite services. For this cloud is needed.

All the above factors compel us to sit up and take notice of the revolution called mobile cloud. It is really taking the mobile usage to a completely new level and there are signs indicating that this is just a beginning. But can the hardware manufacturers cope up with the increasing hardware demand that has come with the emergence of mobile cloud remains a big question.

About the Author: Renuka Rana, Editor at QuickBooks Cloud Hosting DotNet spends considerable part of her time in writing about technology including cloud hosting and Hosted PBX. When not writing, she loves to dig deeper into knowing the best and the latest technology in industry.

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